Klim XC Pants

Company: Klim

Price: $169.99

  • The XC pant is light weight and vents well.
  • Durable and will last you a long time.
  • Has a comfortable, snug fit that's very flexible.
  • Runs about a size large.
  • Above average price.


  • Writer: Matt Mattoon
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • Klim's race-line pant.

The Klim XC Pants are a racier pair of off-road riding "leathers". Made mostly made from nylon and polyester that is claimed to be light-weight and semi-vented while still being durable with an articulated race fit and patterning. These pants also feature stretch zones just underneath the hip, with a line of spandex along the whole backside of the leg, crotch area and at the knees which reduces constriction of the pant. Inside the whole pants you have a mesh wicking polyester lining. On the inner waistband there's silicon printed on it to help keep the jersey tucked in. Outside the waistband is adjusted on both sides to tune for comfort. The pant comes in three colorways.

"The XC pants is Klim's racy pants designed to keep the rider comfortable and protected."

How it works

  • These pants are durable.
  • It has a comfortable snug fit when you find the right size for you.
  • Lightweight with some breathability.

Klim introduced the XC gear in early 2014 to add a more race inspired line to their already popular Dakar and Mojave lines that are designed for and hugely popular with trail and dual-sport riders. The XC pant is lighter overall with more flexibility and no pockets. Additionally it comes in more striking visual designs and patterns compared to most Klim gear. For me the XC pants have the same problem as the jersey, it runs a size too big. Every pair pants I wear is a size 34, but with the XC pants, 34's were too big, even with the hip adjusters maxed to as tight as they would go. So I ran size 32's with no complaints, the fit, then, was perfect. When you find the right size for you, you'll realize the amount of flexibility these pants have. The spandex is placed at just the right spots to maximize effectiveness. I only felt the pants constrict me a little when I would stretch my legs outward when saving the bike from tip overs, but even here it was better than most I've tried.

The there is a extra wide and padded area around the knees that fit knee braces without any binding whatsoever, it is a very stretchy zone. Another thing the pants share with the jersey is the durability and quality. With all the different and lighter materials used on these pants compared to the Klim Dakar pant, the stitching needs to be good to hold all the parts together, and it does that very well. The pant has proven to be as durable as any in every area after a year's use. Even the leather patches in the knees still look new. They don't share the super-vented swamp cooler effect that the jersey has, but the venting qualities are actually decent. You feel air being channeled down both of your legs bringing coolness to areas that would normally be hot and sweaty, yet you don't get that chilled feeling that you get with the jersey. Priced at $169.99 they are more near the top end of the price scale but in the Klim world they are inexpensive.

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"Durable, flexible, fits well, breaths well, what more could you want in a pair of riding pants?"