CCR Bed Buddy Motorcycle Tie Down Rack

Company: CCR

Price: $149.95

  • Easy instillation (if you own a drill.)
  • Strengthens the front of the bed and prevents bending.
  • Excellent hooks for the tie downs and holds for the wheels.
  • Long lasting finish.
  • If you truck bed is thin metal, hooking tie downs only to the CCR bar will flex the bed.


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • A strong steel bar that protects your truck's bed and gives you a place to attach tie-downs.

CCR builds the Bed Buddy Motorcycle Tie Down Rack out of high grade alloy steel and then powder coats it to a fine black finish. The bar has three slots or chocks for bike wheels to settle into, and then three rings (two on the outside and one in the center) to attach the tie-downs to. It attaches to the truck by bolting it to the truck’s bed and requires drilling holes. The 11-pound Bed Buddy is available in three sizes; 60' Full Size, 57" Mid Size and 53.75" Mini Size.

How it works

  • Easy instillation, if you own a drill.
  • Strengthens the front of your truck's bed.
  • Has plenty of attachment points for tie downs and the slots index tires perfectly.

Instillation is simple, the hardest thing is deciding on exactly where you want the bar to be placed. Once set, (a level and a tape measure make this simple) you drill the mounting holes and use the supplied hardware to attach the bar. Depending on the location you pick and the strength of the metal on the bed determines how much you should trust attaching the tie-downs directly to the bar’s three hooks, as opposed to a more solid point on the truck. Though the loops are super heavy duty and would never break, really crank the tie downs attached to the bikes and the bar will actually try to twist the metal of the bed. If your bar mounting is on the front truck bed’s metal that is a little flexy, it is possible to run the tie-down straps through the rings on the bar or through the tire index chocks and them attach them to a more secure attachment on the floor of the truck bed. This can also channel the tie downs so they never have to go through spokes in wheels. Asking the three mounting bolts to hold three bikes all attached to the bar is a lot, especially if you drive aggressively or much off-road.

The bar does two things to an excellent level. That is provide a slot for the front wheel of the bike to index into so it does not slip or move around during transport. But more importantly it reinforces the front rail of the bed (which on most trucks will bend after repeated pressing of the bike’s front wheel) so it does not hit the cab. The quality of the bar and the power coating is top notch and after years of use on one in one of my older trucks there's barely a rust spot or a blemish on it.

CCR offers a third bike extension ($39.95) that hangs onto the main rack and pushes a center bike back so the handlebars do not interfere. We were also able to turn the wheels on the outside bikes inward or outward and the third bike would fit right in.

The rings/chalks are also a great place to run a cable through if locking the bikes for security. And $149 is nothing to keep your bed straight let alone the cost of having a bike fall over and do even more damage. In all my years of using this bar I’ve never had a bike come loose.

If you want your bike transporting to be secure and strong, the CCR bar is one of the best in the business. Simple, effective and durable, it will protect your truck’s bed for years and likely save your bike a few slips too.

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"If you want your bike transporting to be secure and strong, the CCR bar is one of the best in the business. "