CCR Sport Nissan Utili-Track Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook and Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Company: CCR

Price: $21.95-$22.95

  • Simple install.
  • Built tough.
  • Makes securing bikes easy.
  • Only works with a Nissan.


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

CCR makes a tie down hook and a wheel chock that attach directly into the Nissan Utili-Track cargo racks that are standard in many of the Nissan Trucks and Sport Utility vehicles. The Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook is made from high grade steel, tig welded, powder coated silver and attaches with a rear clamp that is tightened with an Allen wrench. The hook is $22.95 each and the wheel chock is $21.95 each.

"The Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook is made from high grade steel, tig welded, powder coated silver and attaches with a rear clamp that is tightened with an Allen wrench."

How it works

The CCR Sport Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook is just that, heavy duty. There is not a published load carrying capacity for the hook but it is safe to conclude that the hook far outperforms Nissan's conservative capacity for the Utili-Track channel. The build of the hook is excellent and even the powder coating has lasted way longer than we thought. The hardware is good quality and ever in salt air has resisted rusting so far. Ditto for the wheel chock. It is way stronger than is needed and even the indexing tabs to hold the chock in place are burly.

Mounting is accomplished in minutes. Just align the hook and or chock in the position you desire with the attachment clamp loose and tighten the Allen bolt to secure it in place. The CCR part locks in in a very positive way and stays put. You can tug hard enough to flex the aluminum tracking and the metal bed of the truck and the hook never flinches. The opening on the hook is large enough to hook three or four of the larger hooked tie-downs if needed. The hook is secure enough for security use like running a cable lock through it and with a cable running through it the Allen bolt is not so simple to get to making it that much more secure.

In use the placement of the wheel chock can make transporting bikes more systematic and also stop the front wheel of the motorcycle from slipping and making the tie-downs come loose. Our preferred setup allows the wheels of the two side bikes to turn the wheels towards the outside corner of the bed but not being totally forced into the corner. This gives the tie-downs, one from a center mounted hook on the front rail and one from the side mounted rail to have the best leverage while then allowing a third bike to be rolled straight into the truck bed. Even in the smaller Nissan Frontier three bikes was an easy fit.

These CCR parts are tools that make your truck work properly for you. Like an organizer for your truck bed. The fact that they are purpose built for the Nissan make them a limited product but CCR has a very similar system for any truck using their own track system. $20 bucks may seem like a pretty price for a simple piece of metal but even with the tools to make this stuff you'd spend a lot more in time and energy. Plus when was the last time you paid $20 for something that will outlast your truck.

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