Yamaha Adventure Bike in 2018?

Recently Yamaha showed off the concept bike T7 and there is talks this bike may see some production by 2018-maybe! Yamaha has been getting help developing this new mount from their Rally team over in Europe. The concept bike is said to utilize a 700cc parallel twin engine taken from the FZ-07. This bike has been floating around the web since Yamaha announced the concept bike at the EIMCA. The tag might say Tenere, but this ride appears way more off-road than we have seen in the past from Yamaha.
Since the adventure segment is still growing, it does not surprise us Yamaha is jumping on the band wagon, yet it will be way behind Honda and their Africa Twin. Unlike the big GS or KTM 1000 plus displacement machines, this is a mid-sized machine set to take on true Dakar-inspired riding or something more than a dirt road. Check for more info as the concept turns into pre-production then possible production bike.