Will Harley go Electric and Dirt?

What will Harley Davidson do in the future to survive

If you are over 50 you may remember Harley Davidson has not always been the most solid company. They were nearly bankrupt in the late 60s before sporting good manufacture AMF purchased the flailing MC. AMF held Harley all the way till 1081. Harley Davidson also took out loans from the Federal Government in the tune of 2.3 billion around 2008, 2009 when the economy was in the crapper. Yes Harley is an icon in America and it would suck if they went away. They are again tossing out a few Hail Marry’s to keep the company afloat. There have been talks of manufacturing overseas, which would be blasphemy. They have enough parts made overseas already but to take the whole operation away from USA would probably kills the company and any loyal riders they still have.

The concept bike posted on Yahoo has some of the same looks as the Alta, which Harley recently invested.
Here is a link to more info on the investment

There are reports that say they are working on smaller models for overseas emerging markets to help boost their bottom line. No world if those models would even be made here in the States.

Alta influence? Will Harley build an off road or dual sport bike in the future and will they take their investment into Alta Motosports and build an electric cycle? The drawings that popped up on the internet says yes. The drawings look very similar to the Alta drive train with a Harley dirt track theme on the tank and shrouds. The question is, would anyone buy an electric Harley Davidson, a company that is known for the sound of their bike, period!


Also check out the first adventure bike from Harley called the Pan America. Harley is making some big changes and trying to offer bikes people want in todays market