Video of the Week: The racer that helped bring MX to America

For years as Motocross thrived in Europe. By the mid  60s the Yanks had a pretty solid scrambles, off-road and dirt track following but true European Motocross in its true form had yet to hit the states. Torsten Hallman, AMA Hall of Fame rider and former owner of Hallman racing gear, better known as Thor now, was a top racer in Europe and he was one of the first riders to come over to the states and show us how it’s done.  In 1966 Husqvarna sent Halllman to the states for a one month tour to help promote the brand and race against the Americas. Needless to say, Hallman kicked our butts and the rest is history.

This is a cool video from the AMA Motorcycle Museum feature the great Hallman and what he did for American Motocross