Update: More 2018 CRF250R Images

There has been some images popping up from the latest Japanese MX National with an exotic looking CRF250R. The Chassis looks similar to the 2017/2018 CRF450R but the eninge is very radical, almost a shrunken down version of the HRC Rally Factory 450 Engine.

The photos that have popped up on Transworld MX Instagram as well as Dirt Sports show the radical new engine. Here are some images we received direct from Japan via air-mail shot from a belt buckle cam.

As you can see at first glance, the 18 CRF250R has headers on both sides, meaning dual exhaust ports, one from each valve. As you go to the other side, it’s a dual overhead cam engine with 100% dedicated electric start. This engine was probably developed after the newer 450R engine, which will will have dedicated electric start starting in 2018 but the cases still house a boss where the kick starter was.

In the years to come we bet the CRF450R will go with an engine similar to the new 250R powerplant or a slimmed down/lighter version of the HRC Rally 450 engine.

If the math works out this engine could make some serious power with less effort? The concept of separate exhaust ports is nothing new and a way to control flow – not to mention totally separate exhaust all the way back. This, on other bikes with separate ports and a longer dedicated exhaust header, makes power last longer in the higher RPMs and can be tuned for more peak power without as much consequence in the lower RPM.   The downside – will an aftermarket Ti system now cost $2000? This engine is said rev very free and very high in the curve for even a 250R motocross engine. And a lot of this has to do with the twin-cam setup and individual exhaust ports and exhaust itself. The dual cam is also a way to spin more RPM safely and have increased durability doing so. It was no secret that racing tuners were at the maximum on the smaller 250cc Unicam in Honda’s CRF motocrossers for a few years now.

It almost looks as if the production mufflers were extended to meet the Japanese sound requirements.

We are pretty sure this is the 2018 bike or a prototype test bike running what may even be production suspension, taking the path that riders want as the close-to works parts as they can get. Looking as some of the components most are very production-like, especially in fasteners and some of the usual items a factory bike has either lost or modified for reduced weight and higher bling factor.

Here is a close up image of the engine.

Honda has yet to make any formal announcement on the 2018 CRF250R but we image it should be fairly soon. Because there has not been any official info, we bet this bike will not be available until later in the year, unlike some 2018s that will be hitting dealers in the next few months. As for our speculation of there being an RX model, Honda had no problem in bringing a 450RX right along with the new 2017 450R so we would hopefully expect the same considering the cross country/GNCC/GP racing a hot market across the country.

Here are a few more detail images of the bike


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