The Most Famous Motocrosser EVER?

When the music fires up you think 70s porn but this is all moto—back when men were men and bikes sucked. This piece of history features one of the most famous Motocross fans/riders in the history of the sport. Yea we have seen pseudo-motofan celebrities such as Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle around town and Los Angeles even has a police chief Charlie Beck that is a true gun-carrying motocross racer. Yes there other famous moto fans but nobody like the late great Steve McQueen.


Travel back to the early years of moto, McQueen was a Hollywood superstar, yet one of his passions was riding off-road and motocross. Any time he could break away he was seen or not see racing or riding his dirt bike, sometimes under his alter ego name of Harvey Mushman. He was one of the stars of On Any Sunday, helped put motocross on the map and was even seen on the cover of Sports Illustrated riding a Husqvarna.


Here McQueen is riding in what looks like somewhere in California’s Mojave desert with some buddies on the all new (in 1973) Honda CR250M. It looks like the spot public service video for motorcycle safety. McQueen was and still is an ambassador to off-road riding, especially in the early years of the sport. I bet you if McQueen had not passed at an early age he probably would have been a team owner for a motocross team, he would be 84 today.