Show Klim Your Junk Winners

After a some “overtime” rounds and looking at all the videos, pictures, lists, Dirt Bike Test and Klim have chosen our Winner, Runner Up and Honorable Mention for the #showkilmyourjunk contest. We learned a few things, saw awesome organisation all the way to complete “wing it” style. We were amazed at some of the stuff you carry while riding and sometimes sacred too. Thanks to everyone who took the extra effort to make the videos and pictures and hopefully we all learn a thing or two!

And The Winners Are:

First Place and winner if the Klim Aresonal Vest



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💥Showing off my junk! #showKLIMyourjunk . . While I will admit, I do over pack a bit and my current pack is bulging at its seams, everything in my pack I have used or am prepared to use if needed. . 🏥From medical aid like tourniquet, glucose tablet and suturing to mechanical like tow straps and extra parts, I’ve used them all. 🛠 . Being “over prepared ” has helped me in many situations as well as other riders that were under prepared or just needed help. I enjoy having everything that I think I may need in a situation, even if that situation leaves me overnight. 🏕 . The hardest thing about being “over prepared ” is the weight on my back. The thought of a vest has been on my mind for awhile so the opportunity to own an @klimmotorcycle Arsenal vest with @dirtbiketest is really exciting. I own a few #klim products and have been really happy with their quality. 🙌 Wish me luck! 🤞 #dirtbiketest #klimLIFE CONTENTS: FIRST AID – Tourniquet – Suture kit – Hemostatic agent – Styptic sticks – Safety pins – Bandages/Butteryfly/band aids – Tylenol/Ibuprofen – Glucose tablets – GU packet – Pepto bismol – Eye drops – Qtips/ Tongue depressors – Liquid bandaid – Alcohol pad/Triple antibiotic/Various creams – Fire making equipment – Paper/Sharpie

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Runner Up and winner of Klim Scramble Pack


Honorable Mention: Best Innovation–Drink Clip retractable strap. Ross Martin gets Dirt Bike Test T-shirt kit.

And here are a few others with differing levels of innovation and things you may or may not want to carry.





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A lot of people have been asking me on how and what I pack for our trips. So I made a video on the subject. Link: ▶️ and don’t forget to subscribe! 📸 @canoneosm50 . . . . . #showklimyourjunk #dirtbiketest #motorcycle #Motorcycles #motorcyclelife #motorcyclesofinstagram #motorcyclemafia #MotorcycleDiaries #motorcycleporn #motorcyclephotography #motorcycletouring #motorcyclelove #motorcycleride #motorcycletrip #motorcycleart #motorcycletravel #motorcycleracing #motorcycleadventure #motorcyclelifestyle #motorcycledreams #royalenfieldindia #royalenfieldbeasts #royalenfieldmotorcycles #royalenfieldlovers #royalenfieldhimalayan #royalenfieldfreaks #royalenfielddiaries #royalenfields

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