Klim/DBT “Show Us Your Junk” Ride Pack Challenge

Learn and Win!

Dirt Bike Test has partnered with Klim to give you a little trip through our riding packs. All to share and help others with some packing and prepping advice–through good old fashioned crowd sourcing. Someone will also win a new re-designed Klim Arsenal Vest (see a test by clicking here) and some DBT swag in the process. Here is how it is going to work:

Shoot a video of your trail riding pack, backpack, technical vest explaining its contents. It can be informative, funny, technical or as bad as the one Jimmy shot with his flip-phone and edited on reel-to-reel 3/4-in. Beta. If you are super proud of your setup but not so good with the video, spread it all out and shoot a photo for us maybe write a few words.

Tag the video #ShowKlimYourJunk and #dirtbiketest then post it on your favorite social media platform. We’d also love it if you tag and follow @klimmotorcycle and @dirtbiketest as well, these tags are at the bottom of the post for easy copy/paste.  We’ll be watching that tag and sorting through the different videos looking for the ones that stand out. Mid-June we will have our panel of experts and dumb-dumbs review the videos and photos. We will post the best ones and put it up for a vote.

To be double extra sure we see it, send us a the link to the video or photo at : info@dirtbiketest.com


Here is Klim’s Lukas Eddy showing you what he packs:

DBT’s Jimmy Lewis has another version:

The Caselli Foundation has this video to show you a very complete kit as well: