New MX track to Southern California?

We have heard about a rumored track close to the Orange County/Riverside County boarder for decades. Well folks it looks like 2018 could be the year. According to their web site it could be very soon, meaning 2018. The track is located close to a very popular riding area “not legal” for “Weekend Warriors” back in the 80s that has not seen tracks in nearly 30 years. The new facility is near by the Prado Dam, located just off the 91/71 freeway interchange. To enter the track it will be off the 71. The new track so close to Pro Circuit, they might even be able to hear a faint Brraaap now and again.

This will be the closest tack to Orange County California since the Saddleback 2 track closed a dogs life ago, yet that track was short lived. Its unknown what type of permits they have obtained or if it’s a provisional permit for the time being – but nevertheless, Orange County, Corona and Chino rider will be very happy very soon.