Kawasaki Goes All-Electric by 2035

Its happening, dates have been set.

We have read Kawasaki Heavy Industries has split/formed a new motorcycle company called Kawasaki Motors. The new company will work on greener motorcycles, ATV and Side by Sides. Kawasaki motorcycles has always been part of the larger “Heavy Industries” division but now is on its own. Kawasaki motorcycle sales division sold 380,000 units worldwide in 2020 according to the article. Global demand worldwide is 44.5 million units per year. According to the story, Kawasaki Motors plans to expand US production in its Nebraska facility by 2023 and another plant in Mexico by 2023 as well. Other brands are also looking at the same possible goals. Electric is coming and will be here sooner than you think. We are starting to believe that electric motocross bikes will hit in the next few years. Maybe not full race but recreational for sure from the big 4 Japanese brands soon. We will have to wait and see. Pretty soon we will be seeing the final development and R&D for gas-powered motocross and off-road bikes and all development will go into alternative fuels and electric.

Here is a link to the entire story