REAL: Honda Unveils CRF-E Electric Motocrosser

Honda just blew up the internet for motocross fans with the unveiling of what looks like a prototype Honda CRF Electric motocrosser at the Toyoko Motorcycle Show. Dirt Sports as well as several other news organizations have posted photos and video of the new machine. No real details as of right now because most info is still in Japanese. Don’t be racing down to your dealer just yet to put a deposit down, this is a Prototype model just like it says on the side and like car manufactures, they often bait the public with exotic cars years before they are launched for exposure and possible future customer interest. with Alta belly up and KTM yet to launch a real motocross version, the sector is back to Maybe, Could Be and Eventually. Honda is one company that if they are serious, they will do it and do it right before anything hits the showroom floors.

The bike has no clutch lever so we suspect no transmission. It was obvious that Alta had set the high bar in the motocross arena so we feel that comparisons with a 250cc four-stroke are the current target for a machine like this. Mugen is the developer of the powerplant and shares a long history in partnerships with Honda. They currently produce the Shinden Nana superbikes that compete in the TT Zero races at the Isle Of Mann TT. There are additional rumors that this bike will make an appearance at the first round of the Japanese Motocross Nationals, the usual showing grounds for new technology and works bikes.

CR ELECTRIC PROTO実走可能で近い未来、コースで走る姿が見れるかも!?

Posted by ダートスポーツ on Thursday, March 21, 2019

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