Honda CRF450L Rally Concept: Yea we figured it would come soon

As soon as we saw the CRF450L, I was already thinking that Honda might make a Rally version in the near future. Not sure how soon the future is but at the EICMA show in Italy they had a concept version of the 450L. Like the smaller and very popular CRF250L Rally, a 450L Rally edition could be even more popular since it it might deliver what the 250 lacks, more power, better suspension and a chassis that can actually take on most real off-road situations. The 250 Rally looks really cool but underperforms compared to its looks, if Honda makes a Rally version of the 450L, it could deliver what the 250 lacks.

The concept bike looks very finished and has all of the features and look of the true Rally race bike. Full rally screen, down exhaust, navigation display, full skid plate, long distance seat, large fuel cell and more. This is a concept bike to look like the full HRC Factory Race bikes but also a way to judge feedback and possible future of a 450L Rally edition. If you look closely on the 2019 L and X frame, it has a very specific steering stem that is designed to have something bolted onto the front of it, just like the rally tower/faring on this bike. Either Honda is testing the waters or this bike is already in the works – yet don’t expect to see it until 2020 or later.

Here is a video of the new model from Rad Raven from the EICMA show. We may not agree with the Rad Raven on his take of the bike but at least he talks about it. We believe the 450L engine is very well built and not a 450R engine converted to dual sport. Its is a purpose-built engine for off-road and dual sport, and if it holds up to the older 650L engine, it will be running for a long long time with lots of miles under its belt.

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