Girls of ME Supercross 2017

Girls of Monster Energy Supercross 2017

The sheer number of jobs at a given supercross is astounding. Everything from the track builder to the person that has to roll the T-shirts that are shot into the crowd must to be assigned to someone. Some tasks are simple but others are physically challenging and painful. Take the girls of Monster Energy Supercross. Yes it seems like a simple job, look good, stand around with a smile and peddle some product or service. Easier said than done, you try standing in some sort of stylish shoes, often heals and do it for around for 8-10 hours with full makeup and often tight fitting stretchy clothing. Then you have to look happy all day and have every Tom Dick and Harry wanting to shoot a photo with you or of you. It’s part of Supercross and we are forced to cover this year after year, we are just doing our job.
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