First Look: All New Suzuki RM-Z250

Suzuki Unveils Their Long-Awaited RM-Z250

Ever since Suzuki launched a new RM-Z450 for 2018, most figured a new 250 would follow. Well, you were right, 2019 is that year. The 250 shares the same look as the 450 as well as the return of a spring fork. The 250 does run a traditional shock over the Showa BFRC unit on the RM-Z450. Although Suzuki has announced the new 250 motocrosser, complete details and specs will not be available until September, and won’t hit dealers until February of 2019. Suzuki has been late to announce their 2019 line but most of it is here now. However, Suzuki did their announcement of a new consolidated manufacturing plant in Hamamatsu, Japan, last month and this may be the reason for the late release date.

Like the 450, the new 250 is a kick-start-only motorcycle, which is not a big issue once it is running. With limited details, Suzuki is saying the 250 has a new chassis, swingarm, linkage, more power, improved throttle response, sleeker ergonomics, and we mentioned the suspension changes above. Suggested list price will also be announced at a later date.

The 250 probably shares a similar chassis to the 450, this looks to be the trend as of late. The bottom end on the 2019 looks similar to the 2018 but the head and cylinder are different. The exhaust actually comes through the split cradle in the frame while the 2018 comes out the right side. Without any more details, we would just be speculating if we made more assumptions regarding details of the new bike. Even if they do share the same chassis like many of the other brands, different displacements always handle different so we will not know more about handling until we ride the new bike.

The facts are, Suzuki does have a new RM-Z250 for 2019, it looks like the current 450, has new top end for sure, spring fork, different shock, and linkage and won’t be in dealers until the first part of 2019. We will post more details as soon as they are available or you can keep checking