Alta Motors Purchased: But probably the end of the LINE!

Yes it’s breaking news that Alta Motors has been bought, well most or part of it. BRP has purchased many aspects of the company including several intellectual properties and patents but not the entire kit and caboodle. BRP is a Canadian company that owns a lot of stuff such as Ski-Doo, Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am on- and off-road and Rotax engines to name just a few. Can-Am used to make motocross bikes and actually won a supercross title back in 1975 with Jimmy Ellis aboard.


Yes Alta has been purchased but it states it pretty bold that they will not continue the brand as it is and did not even make any announcement they will even offer electric motocross or off-road bikes in the future. As we read the release, it pretty much says they purchased the technology and some patents and does not really want anything to do with the current Alta motorcycles or any liability for any current models that are at dealers or already to the public. Not sure what that means to current Alta owners and who will offer parts for the next few years. Usually, even a defunct motorsports company that files for bankruptcy has to make part of the deal to service what is in the field for a designated time. This is what happened when Cannondale with belly up, ATK ended up buying the inventory and serviced and offered parts for several years.

Its kind of a shame since Alta was so close to making a real go and stealing sales away from fossil fuel burning two-wheelers. If they kept the development going forward, their next model could have been a real game changer since they were already there to some degree. Yet we will never know unless KTM or another brand steps up and takes off were Alta fell.

If BRP owns several patents and Alta’s technology, its doubtful the brand can keep going unless BRP can make a licensing deal back to anyone who wants to keep the brand alive and buys up inventory and may manufacturing tooling, yet we doubt that will happen.

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