All-New “Limited Edition” Kawasaki KX450SR

2022 KX450SR, “Special Racer.” Kawasaki Blows Up the Internet

Suggested List: $12,399
Available: Now
Units Available: Unknown Limited Edition

Wow, Kawasaki sure pulled the trigger this time with the KX450SR. Why SR? This is the name Green has been using for years to call their race bikes. Back in Works Bike era, all KX race bikes were SRs. SR, meaning “Special Racer” DBT just spent the last few months building their version of a “Factory Replica”, I think we got grandstanded in a good way. Our vision of a production factory edition or what they are calling SR are similar, but they took it further by going with KYB suspension, polished head, new ECU settings, not to mention the full Pro Circuit titanium exhaust.
Suspension is a major change after running 49mm Showa units since 2019. According to Kawasaki: “The large-diameter fork inner tubes allow large 25mm damping pistons to be used so a firm damping force can be achieved with a lower internal pressure, which allows firmer damping performance and increased riding comfort. The rear shock offers dual compression adjustability so that high speed and low speed damping can be tuned separately. Utilizing feedbck from Kawasaki’s factory race teams, the 22mm front axle enhances front end traction. The New Uni-Trak® rear suspension linkage ratios have been selected to suit the chassis.”

The new SR is a limited edition model, and according to Kawasaki, should be in dealers right now! With a suggested retail price of $12,399, act fast because we bet they will go fast and probably over sticker price. And for only $2900 more than a standard KX, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Just start adding up the extras and you will see what we mean.


• NEW Cylinder head with polished intake ports
• NEW Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro titanium exhaust system
• NEW Optimized ECU fuel injection settings
• NEW KYB front and rear suspension components
• NEW XTrig ROCS-TECH triple clamps with PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Damping System)
• NEW D.I.D. DirtStar ST-X rims
• NEW D.I.D. gold chain
• NEW Renthal® rear sprocket
• NEW Monster Energy® Kawasaki race team inspired color and graphics
• NEW Hinson clutch cover with Kawasaki Racing Team logo
• NEW Cylinder head with polished intake ports
• NEW Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro titanium exhaust system
• NEW Optimized ECU fuel injection settings

Question we ask in today’s world, will the “Special Edition” models be allowed into shootouts or will they only go head-to-head with similar models. Have we crossed the line and is the public willing to buy fully tricked out bikes right from the dealer, we think the answer is yes. In the future DBT sees the possibility of custom ordering your race bike in the future. Just like building some trick bicycles, you get to pick what suspension you desire, what wheels, which brakes, what exhaust, bar bend, engine character and so on.

Full race bike?, the SR is there or at least a lot and we mean a lot closer than the standard KX. Again, we heard rumors Kawasaki had some special 450 motocrosser but did not expect such a complete and accessorized machine. Great Job Kawasaki!