2020 Husky Off-Road and Dual Sport models

There is some new light shed in the Husky camp for 2020, the first being a host of chassis updates to the off-road and dual sport line and the introduction of an 150cc fuel injected off-road two-stroke. The specs are bellow but the biggest news is the new chassis and subframe, (with the same look as the moto line now)

TE150I Fuel Injected Off-Road

For 2020 Husqvarna is also offering a FE Enduro/off-road line and FEs dual sport line. The bikes appear similar but the FE Enduro is an off-road only with less extras and probably a little more performance FEs. The FE along with the TE150I really rounds out the complete line of off-Road and dual sport models from Husky. No matter what you are looking for, they can pretty much deliver.

New Chassis on the FEs 501 for 2020

• New frame on all models offering increased longitudinal & torsional rigidity
• TE 150i featuring electronic fuel injection
• New 250g lighter 2-piece subframe across the model range
• Updated WP XPLOR fork with new mid-valve piston & setting
• Updated WP XACT shock with new main piston & setting
• New shock linkage dimension providing reduced seat height & added control
• All-new exhaust systems for optimal performance & durability
• New seat places the rider 10 mm closer to the ground
• Improved cooling circuit with radiators mounted 12 mm lower
• Progressive new bodywork design offering new and improved ergonomics
• Updated 4-stroke engines offering improved performance & rideability
• Off-road only 4-strokes with Map Select switch and Traction Control
• 1° lower mounting on TE 250i/300i engines for improved front end traction
• Updated TE 250i/300i cylinder for superior 2-stroke performance

New frame and subframe for 2020

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