2019 Honda Race CRFs–With A Works Edition Ken Roczen Replica

2019 Honda CRF250R, CRF450R & CRF450RWE Motocrossers

By Scott Hoffman

Do you want the good news or the great news first? The good news—Honda did not sit on the sidelines and simply go into the third year of the latest CRF motocross bikes and simply do updates, they made some major changes. Yes, the CRF line looks very similar to the 2017 when it first appeared, yet the 2019 has a slew of changes, especially the 450 and the addition of an all-new model to the CRF line.


Honda has revamped both the frame and the swingarm to alter the rigidity and weight reduction. New engine cases now have the kick-start area completely removed. The cylinder head gets a new combustion chamber shape for improved performance and a new oil management system that is said to help over-rev characteristics. The front brake has finally received an upgrade with one of the two pistons larger (30mm) for more power and feel and a new front brake line.

The motor also gets revised ECU settings and HRC launch control. The clutch has a revised lifter and pressure plate for better oil supply and a shift sensor adopted to establish an ignition map for each gear. The exhaust header has been redesigned because of the added space from the new cases and removal of kick-start space.

Renthal Fatbar and four-way adjustable handlebar position offer more options for more riders. The 2019s also come with black rims and redesigned fork protectors. New footpeg design is lighter and sheds more dirt. The rear gets a new linkage ratio to work with the revised swingarm and the fork gets new settings and lower-friction oil. Overall, the 2019 is 1.76 pounds lighter than the 2018 and has a suggest list price of $9,299.

All-New CRF450R WE (Works Edition)

In addition to all of the standard changes to the 2019, Honda stepped up their game with a limited edition WE or Works Edition. This is the bike a lot of people have been asking for—an upgraded production bike right from the Honda Factory.  The WE is not just bling, but actually has some pretty cool parts. First off, each head is factory hand-ported for improved performance and torque, especially between 5,000-6,000rpm. This, along with the muffler required a slight

reprogramming of the ECU as well, like any engine changes should for optimum performance. From there each bike comes with a Yoshimura ti/carbon tip slip-on dual-exhaust.

The suspension is now even closer to being full A-Kit components. The current 49mm fork is a production copy of an A-Kit spring fork and now the WE comes with friction-reducing Kashima-coated upper fork tubes inside and out. The lower fork tubes are titanium nitride coated just like a full kit fork. The shock shaft is processed with Super Finisher and also titanium nitride coated. Internally the setting in damping is set just a little bit stiffer we are told.

The wheels are fitted with the stronger DID LT-X black rims with laser-engraved logos. The chain is now the higher-performance RK gold. Throttle Jockey HRC graphics and replica seat cover give the bike that factory look. To cap off the looks, triple clamps now come in black.

Now a rider or racer can get an upgraded CRF450RWE right from their dealer, starting in August of this year for $11,499, just a little over 2 grand more than the standard R model.

2019 Honda CRF250R

The CRF250R, first introduced in 2018, shares a lot of components with its big brother the 450R. The 2019 engine gets new cam profiles to help improve bottom end and new intake and exhaust port geometry for more low-end but maintains its high-revving top-end. A new 44mm throttle body is also set to add more low-end compared to the 46mm in the 2018. New piston oil jets go from four to five for more cooling and a right-side exhaust that is 50mm shorter. A new AC generator also helps with weight and friction loss.

Like the 450R, the 250R gets the adjustable bar position triple clamp and Renthal Fatbar. New fork protectors and an engine guard that improves air flow. The 250 also gets the new brake with two different-sized pistons like the HRC units and black rims are standard. The footpegs are also new like the 450, lighter and with less dirt and mud buildup. 2019 CRF250R should be in dealers by September and have a starting retail price of $8,299.

2019 Honda RX Off-Road Racers, Big and Small.

For 2019 Honda did not forget the RX line. In fact the 450 gets all of the same engine and frame updates as the R model.

But the bigger news id the addition of the 2019 CRF250RX. It mirrors both the CRF450RX in the off-road race necessities and the CRF250R in all of the changes and updated for 2019.

It has the larger capacity fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel, kick-stand as well as specific ECU mapping for off-road applications. There is even the three setting map select switch with HRC Launch Control standard. We’re told the MSRP will be $8299 and the bike’s will be available in September.

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