2018 Kawasaki KX250F and KX450F

Some die-hard Kawasaki fans were wishing and hopping for a new 450 to be added to the fleet. After seeing some images from the Japanese MX nationals of a new 450 some started to salivate. Well you better drink lots of water because you may continue to leak for another 12 months, hopefully only 12!!

Yes, the 2018 KX450F is the same as the current year. DBT wanted to bring you the first test of the 2018 KX450F: Click on the link Other than maybe further refining our settings for the 2018 four-fiddy, the test might read very much like the link. We like the current KX450F and have for the past few seasons, even with the fine revisions. We guarantee the 2018 will just as good as the 2017. How the KX450F will stack up to the new Yamaha that should be announced shortly or the new chassis on the Suzuki, we will have to see. Plus, we bet KTM will launch a new 2018 1/2 Factory Edition. When KTM gives their production bikes the orange frame look, in the past it means a new FE.

2018 Kawasaki KX450F

However, the KX250F will get a host of refinements and updates to the 18. The Green Machine will receive a new throttle body and fuel injector angle for added torque, updated fuel pump, new intake boot and new cam on the intake side. The cylinder is also new with a revised intake tract and final compression ratio of 13.4:1. The exhaust header is now longer with increased diameter. Chassis changes include updated settings to the 48mm Showa SSF fork. There could be some added competition in the 250F class, especially if Honda releases their 250F with a new twin-cam engine.

2018 Kawasaki KX250F

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