All New Gas Gas 300

November 8, 2016

At the Milan EICMA Show in Italy Gas Gas unveiled two new 300cc two stroke models for the revised company. It was not too long ago Gas Gas was about [...]

2017 Beta RR Race Edition Models: First Look

November 4, 2016

For the past several years now, Beta has been producing their RR Race Edition model range which is considered their “race bikes”. In 2016, they went 1-2 in the E3 [...]

Tuned–2017 KTM 300 XC-W Build

October 31, 2016

Making My Ultimate KTM300 Story and Photos by Stephen Clark Anyone who knows me knows that I am huge fan of 2-strokes and especially the KTM 300. This is my [...]

2016 24 Hours of Glen Helen DBT Jr. Team Update #2

October 6, 2016

As the race weekend approaches us, we continue to get more organized and prepared for the race. After figuring out the lighting problems we faced in our first update, we [...]

The Most Intense Guide to Tuning Air Forks Ever Produced

October 2, 2016

Yes – this guide to tuning your Pneumatic Fork, if you bought a set of Air Forks back in the mid 70s. Yes this just proves again that new technology [...]

First Look: 2017 Honda CRF450RX and CRF450R

August 11, 2016

Honda Releases 2017 CRF450RX and CRF450R Information. 2017 CRF450R at a glance: -All-new engine with more compact design producing a claimed 60+ HP at the crank. -New twin-spar aluminum chassis [...]

Tech Tip: Inexpensive Micrometer

July 31, 2016

Tool Hacks: Inexpensive Micrometer Ever have a manual or part instruction call out a setting in thousands of an inch or hundredths of a millimeter leaving you confused or unsure? [...]

2017: Suzuki Goes Off-Road

July 6, 2016

2017 Suzuki’s That’s right, Suzuki jumps back on the off-road bandwagon after some time not fielding a bike in the off-road/enduro. No, the RM-Z motorcrossers have not really changed for [...]

Suspension Technology: Banned? Or is it about to change the game?

July 1, 2016

Yes Motocross and off-road suspension has evolved over the years but has it really evolved. Considering what computers can do these days, hand held computer smart devices and whatnot, traditional [...]

Jimmy Rigged #8–Being That Guy And Learning From It.

June 29, 2016

So I had an experience this past weekend and it wasn’t the first time. Nor will it be the last despite my continued efforts to not be “That Guy”. This [...]