Inside Look At A Precision Concepts Kawasaki KX450X

Factory bikes are always drool worthy as they look pretty, usually grace some unattainable parts, and flat out just have a cool factor that can’t be found on your average Joe’s bike. Team Green has a rich history in off-road racing, especially out West, and the Chaparral Motorsports | Precision Concepts | Kawasaki Team Green program is the factory-supported effort with riders Zach Bell and Tyler Lynn. With multi-time champion Robby Bell as team manager and Bob Bell behind the scenes, the team has knowledge and a good foundation when building the bikes. Let’s take a look at what makes this KX so special.

Of course, Precision Concepts handles the suspension duties using stock components front and back.
Both Zach and Tyler run similar settings, and it must be a good one as they both have race wins under their belt.
According to Robby, the Ride Engineering link arm is one of, if not the biggest handling changes to the KX. It really helps settle the rear end on decel, while also offering some smaller improvements under acceleration. We’ve tested this on our own KX450X and approve.
Another big one is the XTRIG ROCS triple clamps. This helps the riders find more comfort across the board, with the biggest emphasis on decel and while cornering.
The FCP head stays are also in place to help improve handling.
The team uses the stock mounts up front. Theteam states the FCP front mounts aren’t advantageous in off-road as it puts too much emphasis on front-end traction and lacks some stability.
This Ride Engineering caliper greatly improves front brake feel and power.
Like many, the PC Kawasaki Team has switched to Precision Racing Steering Stabilizers. It’s small, compact, and mounts using any triple clamps/handlebars and the riders like how it feels in a GP setting.
Pro Circuit handles the exhaust duties — fitting for a Kawasaki effort.
The Rekluse Radius CX auto clutch is the clutch of choice for the riders. The clutch alters power delivery and makes it easy to ride and long lasting. Zach Bell can go as much as half a season on a clutch with zero issues.
The Rekluse Slave Cylinder makes adjusting the clutch engagement easy.
Boyesen’s Super Cooler keeps the bike running at an optimal temperature in the 90-120 minute races.
This Moto Hose Y piece replaces the plastic Y/three hose system that it replaces.
Stomp Grip adds traction and better grip for the riders.
IMS handles the fueling duties for the team.
These teeth are SHARP.
Stock 13/50 gearing is the gearing of choice.
The stock levers are an acquired taste, so the team runs ARC levers.


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