Works Connection Elite Axle Blocks For KTM/Husqvarna

Company: Works Connection

Price: $89.95

  • Improves rear end feel in chop and whoops.
  • Increased traction under a load.
  • Installation can be tough for some.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter

What it is

  • Free floating axle block design for KTM's and Husqvarna's.

Contrary to most other bikes, stock KTM/Husky axle blocks come with a fixed design on the chain side. Works Connection sought to make it more of a traditional design by making aftermarket blocks that are free floating. You have to remove the stock block and install a titanium receiver to act as the “square fitting” of a traditional axle. WC claims they improve handling and traction on the tracks and trails and have tighter tolerances than the OEM chain adjuster blocks. The reversible blocks are CNC’d 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum and come anodized in Black, Orange, Blue, Red, or Silver. Retail price is $89.95

"Works Connection sought to make it more of a traditional design by making aftermarket blocks that are free floating."

How it works

  • Settles rear end down in acceleration chop.
  • Improves traction.

Installation is a bit of a pain with these axle blocks, but that’s not Works Connection’s fault. The KTM design features a fixed axle block on the chain side. To remove the stock blocks, you use the provided square nut that will act like a jam nut against the axle nut. After tightening both against each other, you can then loosen the axle from the threaded on axle block since the “jam nut” will rotate the axle itself. To install, you simply thread the axle into the receiver that will keep the axle in place with the block. Once threaded in, you will tighten the axle using the “jam nut”, and once tight, you can remove the jam nut (axle nut and square nut). The first time is a bit of a process, but as with anything it goes quicker the more times you do it. They install in just a few minutes, but it’s not like installing traditional axle blocks which you just slide into place. The blocks are reversible and have about a 4mm offset, or approximately 1 sprocket tooth, depending on the direction. 

On the track, the blocks aren’t life changing and they don’t drastically change the handling of the bike. However, it does provide a noticeable difference in certain conditions with the most noticeable being in square edges and acceleration chop. It settles the rear end down ever so slightly and feels like it keeps you driving forward at all times. In addition, we noticed a slightly better feel when skimming across large whoops. The initial feel wasn’t quite as harsh and again, the rear felt more connected to the ground as it hooked up and found traction easier. Works Connection’s theory behind this is that the non-floating type will bind on the axle being in the fixed position, whereas a floating block has the room to move around and thus decreases the harsh feeling. When compared to a clicker change as a reference, the difference in feel is similar to speeding up the rebound a click or two or softening the high speed compression on the rear shock.

As stated previously, the axle blocks aren’t drastic but a way of fine tuning for a particular feel. Without going back to back on the same day, it’d be very difficult to notice the differences but there is a benefit to running these. When trying to improve the feel of your KTM/Husky, it acts as a small step in building the bigger picture. In addition to the on-the-track feel, they look cool and the grooves to align the chain are more than noticeable. One small downside is the stock blocks make wheel maintenance a little easier as you don’t have to deal with an axle block sliding up and down the axle every time you remove it. But it’s certainly something that we can look past when looking for performance gains. The Elite Axle Blocks are on the expensive side when compared to other blocks, but they add some handling benefits where other blocks typically would not.

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"It settles the rear end down ever so slightly and feels like it keeps you driving forward at all times."