Thor Prime Fit Gear Set

Company: Thor

Price: $200

Additional Pricing

  • Pant: $119.95
  • Jersey: $59.95
  • Glove: $20.95
  • Comfortable.
  • Increased mobility.
  • Clean venting.
  • Older riders tend to dislike the compression fitting jersey.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter | Eric Hallgath

What it is

  • Compression sleeved jersey.
  • Athletic fit pants.
  • Minimalist glove.

The latest gear trends have been aimed towards athletic fit apparel and to take it a step further - compression tight jerseys. Like quite a few other brands out there, Thor incorporated it into one of their gear lines: Prime Fit. The Prime Fit jersey features a RACE CUT fit including FREE FLEX Four Way Stretch compression sleeves claimed to allow for 100% mobility while offering slim fitting chassis. Likewise, ventilated mesh panels and moisture wicking fabrics handle the cooling on hot days out at the track or in the deserts. Additionally, flatlock stitching paired with a rib knit on the neck collar provides a durable yet comfortable fit along with along with claimed no-fade sublimated graphics. The jersey is available for $59.95 in sizes S-XXL.

In addition to the compression tight jersey, the Prime Fit athletic fitting pants offer a pre-curved knee which mimics an aggressive riding position to reduce bunching and pinch points while offering increased comfort. Abrasion resistant Polyester and Nylon matched with double and triple stitched seams are claimed to increase the durability while adjustable side straps and a ratcheting closure system allow for a customized fit. An athletic mesh liner lines the inside of the pants while an interior hip pocket can hold smaller items. The pants retails for $119.95 in sizes 28-48.

Finally, the matching Void glove features a fitted lightweight stretch back hand panel and four-way stretch finger gussets for increased mobility and comfort. Likewise, a slip-on cuff is utilized while a perforated palm is incorporated t increase cooling. Screen printed palm graphics and a wrapped thumb increase durability. The glove is available for $20.95 in XS-XXL sizes.

"The Prime Fit jersey features a RACE CUT fit including FREE FLEX Four Way Stretch compression sleeves claimed to allow for 100% mobility while offering slim fitting chassis."

How it works

  • Increased mobility.
  • Good, clean venting.
  • Athletic/compression fit.
  • Durable.

Thor MX has been around the American motocross scene since the beginning and has withstood the test of time in a world that seems to see more players go rather than stay. To stick around, producing quality products and adjusting to the new generation of riders is a must. A lot of the major gear companies have been rolling out athletic fitting gear lines with compression style jerseys the past few years and Thor is no exception. While more “experienced” riders may not prefer a tight fitting jersey and pant on their bodies, the younger riders have flocked to it like there’s no tomorrow. Everywhere you look around a local SoCal track midweek is a herd of kids riding around in what could be considered cycling gear. Previously, I was a bit skeptical of the whole compression sleeve idea but after riding in it quite a few times, I’ve come to like it. I do a lot of cycling and have grown up in compression and technical fabrics. For rider’s my dad’s age, cotton was technical.

When initially putting the gear on, it felt pretty tight but stretchy at the same time. There’s not one loose fitting piece of fabric on this gear and it sort of conforms to the body. The compression sleeves were tight around the arms but they still weren’t incredibly tight as to cause any uncomfortable sensations or restrict blood flow in times of some arm pump. The main chassis of the jersey fit like most other athletic fit gear; however, the sleeve/chassis joint under the arms was a bit of an irritation at first. It would ride up into the armpit a little and was bothersome, but after wearing it for 10-15 minutes it became less of a thought. Once you have a couple laps under your belt it disappears completely.

The pant, similar to the jersey, is tighter fitting but very stretchy. When worn with knee braces, it wasn’t much of a pain to get on and once on they helped keep the braces in place. The pant is interesting in that the leather on the inside of the knees expands all the way around to the front of the knee. It didn’t affect the fit or the conformity of the pant but it’s something different Thor has done. Also, we haven’t experienced much wear with the leather either.

The matching Void glove that Thor offers is a minimalist glove that goes in line with the Prime Fit style of gear. I prefer the minimalist glove and the slip-on design and the Void encompasses both very well. The palm fabric has no additional padding but it is forgiving allowing for a smooth and conforming grip while wrapping around the thumb to give full contact to the grip. Likewise, the top is a stretchy material expanding all the way to the cuff allowing for a pretty easy entry for your hands while still staying rather tight. The little venting on the palm of the glove also assists in keeping the sweat down. If minimalist gloves are your preferred choice, the Void glove won’t disappoint.

With a tight fit and moisture wicking fabric comes a cooler ride. The ventilation provided by the mesh panels under the arms and on the sides of the jersey do a good job of keeping you cool yet clean. Since the mesh is outside of the main roost area, dirt and sand doesn’t find its way into the jersey and onto the skin as with some fully vented gear which is another plus in the comfort department as well. Similarly, the pants venty pretty good despite the lack of any major venting areas due to its tight yet stretchy fit.

The durability of the gear has been great just as we suspected. The compression sleeves aren’t any looser than they were when new and the all of the stitching/seams are in tact. The gloves are also holding up to my abusive grip with the inside of my thumbs. Additionally, the fitment of the gear is very good. The pant waist is slightly big but with the adjustable side straps, we haven’t had any problems with the pants sliding down or feeling loose around the waist.

Going into this test, I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like the tight fitting gear that the Prime Fit set is. While popular amongst the moto crowd, it’s more of a gear set that you love or you hate. After trying it out, I am now a fan. The mobility in this gear is also improved over standard fitting gear as you move with zero obstruction or resistance.

At a price of close to $200, Thor’s Prime Fit gear set is far from being the cheapest on the market but it’s also not the most expensive on the market either. With the increased technical fabrics and compression sleeve, the performance is about as good as any other gear out there. Something to be said is even though the older generation isn’t interested in wearing spandex-like gear, everyone was a fan of the “Star Wars” theme as they liked to call it.

"With the increased technical fabrics and compression sleeve, the performance is about as good as any other gear out there."

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