TCX Pro 2.1 Boots

Company: TCX

Price: $395.99

  • The buckles don’t need a jack hammer to put on.
  • Will last you a couple riding seasons.
  • Won't empty your wallet as much as some other boots.
  • It’s a comfortable fit, but it’s a snug one for certain wide feet.
  • Buckles are very hard to undo after a few hours of riding.


  • Writer: Matt Mattoon
  • Photographer: Matt Matoon/Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • Can TCX’s mid-range priced boot compete with high end boots?

With boot prices often soaring over $500, the TCX Pro 2.1 boot is a reminder that you don't have to spend obscene amounts of money to get a good quality boot. These boots feature plastic and leather construction and some features like a water resistant micro fiber inside that is wear resistant, a padded front and ankle area for a better comfort and flexibility. Inside the boot is an interchangeable bootie that is made from a breathable material to ensure comfort for whoever is wearing the boot while featuring gel inserts to offer extra protection to the ankle. The heel of the bootie is preformed to cradle the heel for better comfort.  Reinforcing the boot there’s a shin plate, a polyurethane toe and heel protector, steel toe cap, inside rubber heat guard, and an ankle reinforcement. The sole is a dual compound inter-changeable rubber sole. These boots also feature what TCX calls, Torsion Control System which has three rigid elements joined together by lugs that slide inside pockets along the sides of the ankles and the back of the boots. The back and forth sliding is aided by two rear flexion points, while the sideways movement is limited by the stiff sliding lugs. The system’s design allows normal bending movement of the foot without deforming the boot and then stops right before bad things happen. The Pro 2.1 boots range from US sizes 5-14 and come in 4 color schemes.

"A boot that is designed for both off road and mototcross. "

How it works

  • Fit is comfortable but snug for some.
  • Inner bootie adds comfort and is easy to put on.
  • Buckles don’t need a hammer to buckle but can be tough to get off.
  • Very durable even through rough conditions.

The best way to describe the TXC boots is they are the jack of all trades, but master of none.They are good when it comes to durability, protection, comfort, and technology, but none of these traits really stand out when compared to some of the other high-end boots on the market. When you look at the price compared of other boots, they suddenly become the master of these traits for the price.

Durability is probably the boot's strongest point. Mine have taken hits from rocks, bushes, even some logs that were sticking up out of the ground a bit, and have minimal scratches to show for it. The outer shell of the boot is tough as it does not scratch or crack easily. The Torsion Control System does a pretty good job of preventing them from deforming as well. After a season these boots still hold their original shape and the soles of the boots are only somewhat roughed up and look like they could last much longer at this pace.

I have what you would call an average sized 12 foot. Not very wide, not too narrow. To me, these size 11 TCX boots are a perfect fit. I have typically worn size 10 in most other boots, usually lower end price point boots. The inner bootie is very comfortable and easy to put on due to a strap that is attached to the top of the bootie that you can hold on to while you slip your foot in it. The top half of the boot is lined with the mesh that helps too. Not to mention the Torsion Control System makes this boot flexible by giving it the ability to flex back and forth, as well as side to side a little bit. Since the boot does not resist any natural movement you make with your foot, break in is a one or two ride affair. Although, despite how comfortable these boots are for me, if you wear wide shoes or just have a wider than normal foot, these boots warrant a test fit.

TCX's boot does not have a hinge, but the sliding wedges or lugs that allow the movement and stop right about the point your foot screams stop. This really worked on jump landings where my foot wasn't on the peg exactly right or on hits where the boot got snagged and rotated and it held its shape. Especially in the heavily protected ankle. They may not break in as instantly as hinges but overall they work just as good in the real world. But it is miles ahead of a standard boot with no modern technology. The only downfall to this system was in transport in my gear bag where the lug actually came out of its slot likely since the boot was getting pulled in awkward directions. It was easily put back in place and I doubt it would ever happen in real riding.

This boot offers good protection. The outer shell is reinforced at the ankles and deflects most hits the boot takes to the point that I didn't even feel most of them. Buckling the boot is very easy, but unbuckling them is a different story. It seemed that the longer the ride was, the more stubborn the buckles were about unbuckling. Seems the clipping really keeps it's hold. Also in dry conditions they squeak at the lugs. Maybe a little silicone spray could help both of these issues since WD-40 and various other lubricating oils didn't. At least not without attracting dirt to the lugs. The velcro on the gaiter is strong and keeps the boot shut and the rubber seal along the top lip fits to your pants as good as any out there even with knee braces. The heat shield on the inside the boot held up to both two and four-stroke bikes and the entire bike contact surface did not snag on bikes in awkward ways for a few different riders. The boot also does not feel extra wide at the ankle, it is on par with the more protective boots.

Overall the TCX boot is a very good boot. Especially when you put the price in the picture. It has been my first extended high-end boot experience and I'm not going to look back to the price point boots any time soon. My ankles and toes are worth more than a couple of hundred bucks and quality comes in heavy with this boot.

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"The best way to describe the TXC boots is they are the jack of all trades, but master of none."