TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot

Company: TCX

Price: $569.99

  • Some of the most comfortable boots available.
  • Great mix of high-tech materials and technology for protection and durability.
  • Easy break in, excellent feel for the foot controls.
  • On the high end of the price scale too.
  • Some riders liked less flex in the sole.


  • Writer: Hayden Hintz/Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis/Hayden Hintz

What it is

  • TCX's brand new high end off-road boot.
  • Collaboration with Michelin for the sole compound and design.

The latest TCX Comp Evo Michelin boot was designed with features and comfort to compete at the high-end side of the MX/Off-Road boot business. First off there is a difference between the standard TCX Comp Evo and the Michelin. The Michelin has the brand new wrap around molded in sole while the standard has the traditional square edged stitched in sole. The Michelin features a double flex control system, allowing 18 degrees in front and 15 in the rear movement. On the inside there is padding all around the foot area of the boot. This padding is double compound PU and is very breathable. The Comp Evo boots are very adjustable with four aluminum adjustable buckles and a calf adjustment system. This calf system if made to adjust to any type of calf and to accommodate for knee braces/ guards. This system also has two positions to choose from that change the range of motion.

These boots are designed in Italy and built in Asia and come in sizes 5-14 and have 7 different color schemes.

"The TCX Michelin has the brand new wrap around molded in sole while the standard has the traditional square edged stitched in sole."

How it works

  • Super comfy, one of the best here.
  • Easy to break in.
  • The sole isn't too stiff and allows a lot of feel.

The TCX Comp Evo Michelin is very durable, protective and comfortable. We spent a solid couple months of riding (we ride a lot) and when washed they still look almost brand new. Although I am still a young lad, this boot is so far one of the comfiest boots I've ever put on my dogs.

Comfort is the biggest thing all riders realized right when they put their foot in this boot. We all agreed they are plush, maybe not bedroom slipper-like but very easy on the feet. The padding and inner lining is very soft and seemed to conform to a foot shape very easily. Because of the way they are constructed, the TCX seem to work with a variety of foot types from wide to narrow. Two riders with different width feet still felt the same way with how comfortable they felt while riding. One of the best features is how fast they broke in. By the second ride the boot felt like old friends and any odd feelings, stiffness were long gone. Pinch spots were non-existent. We feel sizing is spot on.

Adjusting the buckles for the proper fit was fairly easy yet they are probably not the smoothest buckles to strap but we have seen and used way worse in the past. The buckles are durable and seemed to stay secure while riding moto or off-road, plus they are easy to undo at the end of the riding session even if they are comfortable to wear all day and night. The upper velcro closure is tough and seals around the leg as good as any.

With the Michelin sole all testers agreed that right away you feel a flex in the the sole only on the MX track on the big landings. Trail riding we didn’t notice the flexing sole much at all when riding. Some riders liked the flex on the MX track and some did not. Riders that did like it, noted it was because they have more feel on the footpegs, brake and shifter while riding. Riders who did not like it noted it was because they preferred a harder sole with less flex, one that does not let you feel how hard you just landed. The Michelin sole has held up very well throughout the duration of the months we have been using them. They also feel very grippy and feel like you're riding with sharp foot pegs, even when the footpegs are not.

The boot does a good job of protecting a rider’s feet from the usual impacts whether getting bumped by footpegs in awkward ways on the track or the odd rock or root taking a swipe at the foot on the trail. We would not say they are the most protective or stiffest in the toe box area but definitely adequate. The ankle and boot upper areas are top notch and the lockout and flexion limiting do their job without being noticed in any bad way.

The boots weigh in on the scale within a 0.2 pounds range of similar high end boots meaning they are 5.5-pound range per boot. We have heard some complaints of the boot being heavy but the scale does not lie and they are very average. Yet when riding in them our pickiest riders could tell the boot had more of its weight lower in the foot area and that would account for the heavier weight feeling. In reality, it was a non-issue for most.

Of note was that this boot got a little hotter (yes, black certainly didn’t help) than most high end boots in the lower foot and venting there is pretty much non-existent. But it was fairly water resistant too, even with the screen mesh on the mid-calf.

The TCX Comp Evo Michelin boot is priced at $569.99 making it a premium offering. We feel the boot is a winner in comfort and durability, is average in protection and fits a wide range of feet in this boot class.

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" We have heard some complaints of the boot being heavy but the scale does not lie and they are very average."

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