Sidi Agueda

Company: Sidi

Price: $195

  • Great protection for the price.
  • All bolt on parts are replaceable.
  • Reduced wear due to good quality material.
  • May not accommodate extra wide calves.
  • They can pinch your foot when not broken in.


  • Writer: Gabriel Adams
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis, Gabriel Adams, Jorge Jestes

What it is

  • Sidi's Budget option that doesn't settle on features.

The Sidi Agueda boots are the low to mid-priced line of motorcycle boots from Sidi which the company says offer improved comfort, usability, and protection while still being very affordable. Among other things, the company states that the TA soles are replaceable by any knowledgeable cobbler without any sacrifices in function. These boots are said to have features like excellent rear brake feel, and anti-skid rubber. The laminated technomicro material is said to make this boot durable while adapting to different foot shapes. As for the inside of the boot, it has a nylon insole, removable arch support, an inner heat shield, an anatomically shaped heel, cambrelle lining, as well as a lack of a bootie. The nylon insole replaces the common steel shank and the anatomically shaped heel is rigid, and shock resistant for protection. Moving to the exterior, anything that is bolt-on can be replaced including the buckles. These boots have a micro adjustable cam lock system with memory retention straps. These boots are claimed to offer much more comfort than similar products at this price point.

"The Sidi Agueda boots are the low to mid-priced line of motorcycle boots from Sidi."

How it works

  • Good materials
  • Great protection
  • Low price
  • Easily replaceable parts

Being relatively new to dirt bike riding, and still being in school, the budget for my gear is tight. These Sidi Agueda riding boots retail for $195 and that works for me. When I first put these boots on they needed to be adjusted like any other boot, allowing me to test the famed buckle system. They were easy to adjust but because I have wide calves, they are near the end of the adjustment up top. This does not affect the fitment of the boot as they seem to fit most people who wear this size with no issues. The padding in these boots is all in good spots such as the inside of your leg and at the rear of the boot, and the laminated technomicro material holds up surprisingly well even though it is super light and flexible.

As a matter of fact, at about 3.8 pounds each these boots are certainly not on the heavy side compared to the Sidi Crossfires that come in a pound heavier. That combined with above average breathability these offer, means that long dirt rides in them are pretty comfortable. My only issue was during break-in they pinched the front of my ankle for a while till that part of the boot loosened up a bit.

Now down to the important part, protection. The Aguedas have plenty of padding for how light they are, and they brace impacts well. The plastic parts do their job making the boot stiff and rigid where it needs to be while still being flexible on the bike. Since it is a cost-point boot, there isn’t a hinge at the ankle like some more high-end boots but I did not notice any issues because of this. It takes a few rides for the Sidi to fully break in and get flexible in the ankle. This, I’m told, is normal.  The sole stiffness is average and so is the feel you have from your feet compared to other similarly priced boots I’ve been able to try. But the fit of this boot was what kept me favoring it over some others.

In all, the Aguedas are a nice choice for someone who finds most motorcycle boots too bulky, but hiking boots nowhere near protective enough. Overall, these boots are less bulky, than some higher end boots and I really liked that. They are easy to put on and comfortable all day long.  The biggest takeaway from all of this is that there is very little wear and plenty of great protection at a really good price. We might be using these boots for a while because they are cheap (some say I should call them affordable)--but for someone at my skill level, the Sid Aguedas will do everything I need them to do. Besides, in the Black/Flo they look cool while I'm riding.

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"At about 3.8 pounds these boots are certainly not on the heavy side."