Seat Concepts Race 2.0 Tall Seat

Company: Seat Concepts

Price: $359.99

  • Fit and finish is excellent.
  • Easy bolt-on piece with no hassle.
  • Taller seat height makes transitions easier.
  • Pricey.
  • The tall height at the back of the seat isn't visually appealing.


  • Writer: Todd Davis
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter

What it is

  • Complete seat replacement.
  • Foam, Cover, and Base included and set up.
  • 25mm taller seat foam.

Seat Concepts is one of the leaders in off-road motorcycle seats and they offer a product for just about any person and any bike. From MX bikes to ADV bikes to street bikes, they have a seat for just about anything with two wheels. The Race 2.0 seat line is the most sporty, and most similar to stock in shape and size. The seat foam is of OEM width and is claimed to be of higher quality than OEM foam, designed to offer both more comfort and performance. The seat cover, made of a water-resistant vinyl, uses gripper material and has ribs in place to help hold you in position while riding. The seat base is not an OEM piece, but a replica in most instances (some are changed based on what Seat Concepts belives needs improvements).

The seat comes complete with the Foam, Cover, and Base all put together as one unit, ready to bolt on and ride in a matter of seconds. Seat Concepts offers their covers in a multitude of colors and heights, with this particular seat being a Tall +25mm option for the new generation KTM's. It retails for $359.99 and their lead time varies since they are hand built right here in the USA.

"The Race 2.0 seat line is the most sporty, and most similar to stock in shape and size."

How it works

  • Install is a breeze.
  • Fit and finish is as good as any.
  • Performance, comfort, and durability of the seat is premium.

We've had several different Seat Concepts seats over the years and have always had good luck with them, and this seat is no different. First, the install is a breeze. Simply pulling the seat out of packaging and bolting it on in just a few seconds is simple, and the seat lines up perfectly with no cutting, adjusting, or forcefully bumping needed.

The comfort of the seat is very good, with the foam having enough plushness to feel good but not be overly soft where we feel ourselves sinking down into the seat. Likewise, the foam has stayed relatively consistent over its lifespan, and we don't expect it to break down anytime soon. The seat cover is laid out well, with the ribs and material offering good support under acceleration without causing chafing or aggravations.

The biggest reason we went to an aftermarket seat is for the taller foam height option. Our vet riders, who aren't overly tall but suffer from some bad knees or simply just want to expend less energy, like the tall seat height to make the transition from sitting to standing and back easier. The shorter distance from sitting to standing allows our riders to get out of the saddle easier and more often. Likewise, the flatter seat profile makes it easier to move forward on the bike on corner entrance, something our riders of all sizes like about the tall seat.

If there was one complaint with this seat, it's with how it looks. Since we went with the tall option, it doesn't taper off at the back of the seat so it looks tall in the back, rather than going down closer to flush with the fender. It isn't something we really notice while riding, but it isn't as visually appealing when sitting on the stand. Yes, we're nitpicking trying to find any negatives with this seat, but aside from that, we have zero. The seat is of great quality, has held up well as do most Seat Concepts seats, and we look forward to putting many more hours on it.

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