Pro Circuit Beta 300RR Pipe and 296 Silencer

Company: Pro Circuit

Price: Pipe $ 249.95 Silencer $159.95

  • Really cleans up off idle to 1/8th throttle power,
  • Perfect Fit / Easy to Install / Made in the USA
  • USFS Approved Spark Arrestor.
  • Cost less than stock Pipe and Silencer.
  • Weighs more than stock parts.
  • Have to maintain the “works” finish.
  • Gotta check the silencer bolts.


  • Writer: Ray Conway
  • Photographer: Ray Conway / Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • Performance pipe and silencer/spark arrestor for 2015 / 2016 Beta 300 RR

The Works Pro Pipe is basically Pro Circuit's original product. The company claims its pipes offer unparalleled performance and power for every two-stroke application featuring increased horsepower and torque gains. The Pipe for the Beta 300 RR is made from high quality 19-gauge carbon steel and is hand welded at Pro Circuit's manufacturing facility in Corona CA. The 296 spark arrestor is specially engineered with an internal metal baffle, chambers and sound absorbing materials for a muffled exhaust sound with no claimed loss of motor performance. The sound level is said to be 96dB on most models. The silencer is easily rebuilt and packing kits sell for $20.95

"The Works Pro Pipe is basically Pro Circuit's original product."

How it works

  • Easy Installation.
  • Precise Fit.
  • Big improvement in off idle power delivery.

The installation of the Pro Circuit pipe was very easy. Everything fit and lined up perfectly. Unlike some other brands, Pro Circuit does not use clamps, washers, spacers or lock washers on the Beta system and the mounting points are fixed and aligned to a straight bike like ours. Each pipe and silencer is made specifically for the intended model and use the stock mounts and fasteners. On Enduro / Six Days-type bikes this is especially important if you need to change a damaged pipe with in your fifteen-minute maintenance period. We did weigh the pipe and 296 silencer compared to the stock Beta parts. The stock Beta Pipe weighs 5.0 pounds and the Pro Circuit Pipe Weighs 5.5 pounds. The Stock Beta Silencer weighs 3.2 pounds while the Pro Circuit spark arrestor / silencer weighs 4.0 pounds.

Out here in California, like many states, we needed the USFS spark arrestor of the 296 silencer to go out on the BLM and National Forrest trails, so this is a must have item. But other than a small increase in weight we did not notice any other negative aspect in this package aside from a couple of the silencer bolts falling out after about 10-hours. The weight gain comes with heavier steel in the pipe and the additional S/A so it is expected and we could not feel the slight increase in back-to-back riding.

By far the biggest improvement was to the power delivery in the zero to 1/8 throttle opening. In stock form the Beta had a light “burble” right in that range even with jetting adjustments which would just move the "burble". Prior to installing the Pro Circuit pipe we just rode through this range. Once the Pro Circuit pipe was installed we were amazed how connected our throttle hand was to the power output on the engine. The Beta 300 was already a “crawler” but now the rider could go down to walking speed in 3rd gear and just roll on the throttle all the way to 40 mph or more without shifting. This was big fun on the G.P. tracks just racing from corner to corner for the lazy rider and very rewarding to extreme enduro riders who want traction, boost and control. It really let the engine function better at lower RPMs and from there on up it was as good as stock or even better depending on the RPM range a rider likes to ride the bike. We didn't feel it has the outright overrev of the stock pipe and muffler but it wasn't far off. And in reality we don't seem to ride the Beta up in that RPM range much.

One more interesting thing about the Pro Circuit pipe and silencer is they are a lot less expensive that the Beta original part. The Beta Pipe has a suggested retail of $301.43 and the Beta silencer has a retail price of $ 407.62. So these are parts that make your bike run better and open up more trails for less money.

And like on most two-strokes you will hit and smash the pipe. We did a number on the PC pipe in a technical rock section and it took the hit like a champ even though it nearly closed off the balloon expansion portion of the pipe. Though the bike still ran it was down on power. The pipe may have been able to be straightened by a pipe dent service but what was more impressive was that with the large impact the mounting stayed intact and a new pipe bolted right on. On the maintenance side keeping the bare metal works finish can be a chore but PC offers the same pipe with the chrome platinum finish too, at the same price.

We did not sound test the pipe but we are certain it is quieter than stock and it will easily pass a 96 dB stationary sound test. In riding the bike has less of a crackle when getting on it but in reality two-strokes are so quiet in comparison to four-strokes it isn't much of an issue. We feel the packing in the muffler will last a season without worry. But one other issue was the loss of a couple of the fixing bolts holding the muffler attached where you would separate it to change the packing. We recommend checking them and even adding additional lock-tight just to be safe.

So to sum things up. If you have a Beta 300 (and at DBT we really like the Beta 300’s ) you are going to smash your pipe at some point. You may need a spark arrestor. This Pro Circuit pipe and silencer combo tick’s all the boxes. Improved performance, more places to ride your bike and good value.

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"Improved performance, more places to ride your bike and good value."