Moto Skiviez Performance Compression Sock

Company: Moto-Skiveez

Price: $30.00

  • The best moto sock we have worn.
  • Technical fabrics and sewing really make a differance.
  • They are durable.
  • Tight fit means hard to get on and off.
  • Socks now cost $30.
  • You'll hate all your other socks!


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • A compression sock designed for motorcycle riding.

The Moto-Skiveez Performance Compression Sock is a unisex riding sock that could be your answer to achy legs and feet. They are claimed to reduce muscle fatigue and help prevent swollen ankles and feet. Using a proprietary fabric construction the stitching provides arch and ankle stabilization to reduce tendon fatigue. Graduated compression hugs your calf muscles to help reduce inflammation and increasing blood flow.

The sock has a “Comfort Cuff”, a upper band keeps the sock from rolling or slipping down the calf.
The 20-30 mmHg Graduated Compression is designed to direct blood flow up the leg. Minimal seams in the toe section minimize rubbing on your toes. A built in Achilles Support uses an advanced fabric weave offers targeted compression for increased ligament support. The
Heal Section has an anatomical design to reduce blistering and finally a
Footbed Support also uses and enhanced fabric weave to structure contours to the arch. That is a lot of tech for a sock.

" They are claimed to reduce muscle fatigue and help prevent swollen ankles and feet. "

How it works

  • High-level materials and design to bring happiness to your feet.
  • The compression really works.
  • Tough and durable as well as tough to put on and take off!

Spending $30 for a pair of socks seems like a stretch. But these days do not underestimate the legitimacy of the technical fabrics and the new materials that are being put into simple clothing like a sock. Gone are the days of a thick cotton boot sock, welcome to the tech clothing era.

Moto-Skivees is popular in the underwear or riding short game and they felt they could use their experience in making a better dirt bike riding sock. Using some newer sewing techniques, compression fabrics and with a specific design in mind the company produced a sock designed for a rider who will be on the pegs and who is riding aggressive for a long period of time. Think of it as a bicycle short for your foot.

The sizing chart is accurate and the first time we work a large (for a size 10 foot) it was actually quite easy to put the socks on. But after washing, where they tightened up or shrunk just a little bit, getting the socks on is the biggest hurdle. Especially on a wet foot. They are too tight to just slide on and we found the best method was to roll them up and use a combo of unrolling and sliding to get them into position. Take care to get them aligned so the toes are square and the stretch sections are properly placed on your ankle and foot or there will be a funny twist or pull to the fit. It shows you how critical having these in the right place is. Also I may be right between the L and XL size so my size L was pretty tight overall. The compression feel for the fitting garments was about average as I know it. The upper cuff stays in place but might run a little low for some as it only rides to just below the knee on a very average sized person. How tight is it? Well it does not cut off circulation even where the cuff starts and it seemed like it would easily still work for even girls and their often larger calf muscles. Yet you feel a little squeeze but it is a good pressure, not too tight.

Just to be sure I ordered a set of XL sized socks as well. They were just a little easier to put on and take off and felt like they were putting 80% of the pressure while still providing a form fitting fit. They shrunk a small bit as well and for all-day use I liked the slightly looser fit of the XL but for shorter times in the sock (4-hours) I'd reach for the size L.

The socks are on the thinner side of the spectrum and much thinner than most typical boot socks from the past. When you think about the sock you will know you have it on. Forget about it and you don’t even notice it. The pad on the arch of the foot helps the lift of the arch just like the pad across the back by the Achilles cups the ankle. Across the top of the ankle the section here is the most noticeable where it connects these three sections and actually tugs them together like an arch and ankle support. Gentle but noticeable. It is like you’ve been taped up by a sports doctor without the stickiness.  

As a rider who rides all day quite a bit, I don’t have fatigue issues in my feet all that often, so I can’t comment on whether the sock really provides any improvement here. Once in the boot my feet always feel moist and snug, no change here. But here are the things that did stand out... You can’t just roll or tug them off, you have to do a roll and stretch sock acrobatic combo. Just trying to pull them off so that they’d be inside-out isn't so easy. The tight fit in spots makes removal difficult. It is a hard reach and stretch to remove the sock straight off your leg and few will get near my sweaty feet after a riding session to pull them off, which would be easier for me and torture for the assistant.

Once off then I really started to notice the benefits. My feet felt less tired and actually “fresher” would be the word I would use to describe them. My feet were definitely less soaked, especially in hot and humid conditions. So much so that I did back-to-back testing against everything from a regular street sock to my favorite moisture wicking pair of riding socks (which I love and really search for when loading up the gear bag.). On every comparison, without exception, the Moto-Skiveez compression sock outperformed the other socks in every area, except installation and removal. My foot was always less soaked and even the boot was less humid or soaked depending on the condition. The wicking ability is excellent and better than any other sock we have used. But none of the other socks actually had my foot giving a better feeling sensation after the ride. My foot and even my calf muscle in the Moto-Skiveez sock actually felt better every time, the compression really works.

As for durability we’ve worn them over 25 full days and washed them at least 20 times. Yes we did multi day rides and some with just an air dry between days. The socks seemed to dry as quick as anything and did not odor up. After washing they feel 100% clean and odor free and have not shown any signs of losing elasticity. There was some shrinkage after the first wash and they seem to rejuvenate with every wash. We did aggressive tugging at seams and when putting them on wet feet and could hear tearing but a normal person would not tug on them this hard unless they were trying to break, stretch or tear them.

So the question is, is $30 worth the added wicking and better feeling feet at the end of the day. Until you try them you will never know. You can find socks at ½ to ⅔ the price that do half of the work. But after you use the Moto-Skiveez socks you will be condemned to buying $30 socks or regretting it every time you don’t have them with you on a long day of riding.

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"My foot and even my calf muscle in the Moto-Skivees sock actually felt better every time, the compression really works. It is like you’ve been taped up by a sports doctor without the stickiness."