Moto Minded Beast Light Kit

Company: Moto Minded

Price: $470.00 Plus $68.00 for dimmer.

  • The best light you can simply bolt on.
  • Allows the angle of light to be easily adjusted.
  • Solid mount to bike with Super Mount Kit.
  • Expensive!
  • Little heavier than other options.


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • A bad-ass light for KTM's.

The Moto Minded Beast Kit is a bracket that attaches to a Baja Designs XL Light that allows the light to be adapted into the stock 2014-2016 KTM headlight shell. The part is made from ABS plastic and purchase includes the XL light you pick based on the amount of light or budget you set. The advantages besides the increased light is the adjustability of the light beam and plug-and-play wiring. Additionally an upgraded dimmer is available and the setup is recommended for use with the Super Mount Kit.  

How it works

  • Simple bolt-on and plug and play.
  • Incredible light for such a small package.
  • Allows no-tools adjustment of light tilt.

Install of this light into the KTM shell (available from Moto Minded for $28.00) is pretty easy as the bracket lines up and holds the larger Squadron light. The wires are secured in a very clean routing around the bracket and the kit is truly plug and play. We chose the strongest XL80 light with the optional dimmer so the light can be dimmed with the stock KTM EXC headlight switch.

We mounted the light to the bike with the Super Mount kit (Test here: ). The reason for this the increased weight of the headlight assembly on the rubber straps is a little too much. Additionally the mount allows the light to sit a little farther out and clear all the wires nestled behind the headlight shell now that the light body intruded back there further than stock.

The complete weight of the light is over double the stock plastic light’s and riders who are picky about weight on the handlebar or on the steering part of the bike can and will notice it. But for most it was a mute point. Once in place everything stayed put and aside from a different look you would not know there was anything different on the bike. Until you use the light.

This is not a light test and one of the biggest questions we get is about choosing the proper light to go with. Simply put if you are going to use the stock shell or anything in this size range there isn’t a better LED light out there that we have tried. The optics and power of the XL80 are similar to some of the other Baja Designs lights that drop into the stock shell with one huge exception. They are not easily adjustable. The Moto Minded Beast Kit allows the one-handed tilt and adjust of the light for on-bike tuning. You just have to set the adjustment nuts/bolts to the right torque so that it can be moved by hand but not get moved from bouncing around, Simple with the locking nuts.

Using the XL80 we have noticed the color temperature of our light is a better or warmer, more yellow tint of LED which we like. The dimming (set to 20% of full-bright) was just about right to get oncoming traffic to stop flashing high-beams at us. Off-road it was just about impossible to outrun the light in fast sections. It has an insane amount spread while still throwing the light far enough out to keep the speeds up. The picuures show the light at different tilt angles on full power.The light stayed put and never did anything wrong. It’s solid mount to the clamp really made it precise and with the adjustment bolts snug, it does not move unwantedly. There was no interference with the brake line and for the most part the wires were easy to keep out of the way. We were even able to have the light’s plug on top and easy to get to if we wanted to unplug it so forgetting to turn the key off (leaving the light on) wasn’t on the worry list during the day.

If there was any issue it would have to be the outright cost with the best light and features, but you get what you pay for. It is light that would have easily cost $1000 just a few short years ago. You can cost-down with lesser Squadron lights but that really defeats the point of using this mount. Moto Minded has a lot of other options so a look at the companies web site might be a good primer to see what possibilities are out there.


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"Simply put if you are going to use the stock shell or anything in this size range there isn’t a better LED light out there that we have tried."