Motion Pro Fuel Injector Cleaner

Company: Motion Pro

Price: $149.95

  • Easy to use.
  • Pays for itself after one cleaning.
  • Having the best tools makes you awesome.
  • Friends will want to borrow it.
  • Power button can be damaged by harsh cleaners.


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

The Motion Pro Fuel Injector Cleaner is a tool that allows easy cleaning of clogged or dirty fuel injectors. It is basically a sealable chamber that fits the fuel injector and allows you to open the injector with a battery-powered charge, hold the injector open and rinse the injector with an aerosol can of cleaner. It fits most injectors, especially the very common sized ones on dirt bikes and has different plug adapters available. It will flush and back-flush based on the direction you insert the injector. The push-button activation is also confirmed by a LED light running off a standard 9V battery that is included. The unit is made from anodized billet aluminum and built tough for everyday shop use.

"The Motion Pro Fuel Injector Cleaner is a tool that allows easy cleaning of clogged or dirty fuel injectors."

How it works

If you’ve paid the roughly $150 dollars to replace a fuel injector lately, maybe a simple tool could save you that in the future. Well for about the same price you can get a Motion Pro Fuel Injector Cleaner. It is a very simple tool to use and it has been 100% effective in cleaning out dirty or even fully clogged fuel injectors, the main reason they go bad. Interestingly enough, even with good filters in the fuel line gunk or sludge can build up inside the injector causing the bike to run improperly or even to the point of not running at all. First you need to know which plug you'll need, most Japanese bikes use the ND plug and most Euro bike have the HYB style.

Once the injector is removed you first back-flush it. The tool has two different openings and you chose the one that fits the injector’s spray end. An attachment cover comes down and bolts onto the unit with two long Allen bolts applying pressure and sealing the injector to the tool. Then you plug in the injector to the power lead and when you press the button you can hear it opening and closing. A red LED also illuminates to show there is power going to the injector.

On the other side of the tool you insert the spray hose of a cleaner and tighten the threaded sleeve to achieve a pressured fit.  We used a variety of different cleaners, everything from specific fuel system cleaners to contact cleaner with mostly positive results but some of the harsher ones may be damaging to the seals and plastics in the injector, if not the tool itself. In fact one of the cleaners actually caused the plastic on the activation button of the tool to become soft until it dried!

With the injector seated you can press the button and watch the cleaner flow out of the injector. Often with a dirty injector and a clean white paper towel you can see the debris when back-flushing. The dirt it takes to plug an injector is very minuscule. Often time the culprit is a goopy or gelatinous substance from our experience. Our current fuel supply and  some of the additives are tough on high-performance fuel systems.

After the back-flush you basically flip the injector and attach it so the spray nozzle is facing outward and repeat the process. Typically a nice spray pattern will show when the button is pushed. If you want to see how bad the injector is before the cleaning, you can run it through in the forward direction first and compare the spray after the back-flush. On a dirty injector it was very noticeable.

This tool is simple to use and basically pays for itself the first time you use it. Plus your friends will want to use it too. It is not small enough to carry with you but it does not take up that much room in the tool box. Our battery has been going strong for the better part of eight months and is still strong after cleaning ten injectors. There are multiple plugs for different brands and styles of injectors that retail for about $20 a piece from Motion Pro.  The tool comes in a nice plastic case as well.  If you work on your own fuel injected bike, you should have this for that day when the injector starts to plug, or use it as a preventative measure like I have on a lot of my high-mileage bikes.

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" It is a very simple tool to use and it has been 100% effective in cleaning out dirty or even fully clogged fuel injectors."