IMS 3.6 Gallon Tank For Husqvarna TC/TX/TE 125/250/300

Company: IMS

Price: $274.95

  • Large capacity without affecting seat/tank/shrouds.
  • Excellent fit.
  • TC petcock leaves the fueline vulnerable.
  • Flat surface of the tank at the seat/tank transition is abrupt.


  • Writer: Brent Farrell
  • Photographer: Brent Farrell/Trevor Hunter

What it is

  • 3.6 Gallon Fuel Tank.
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Dry-break ready or screw cap options.

The IMS oversized fuel tank is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a larger capacity fuel tank available in either black or natural, the later being somewhat translucent, allowing easy viewing of the fuel level. The tank can be purchased with either a traditional screw cap or configured to accept a dry-brake insert for racing applications where quick pit stops are critical. We tested the 3.6 gallon offering from IMS but they also just completed a new 4.5 gallon tank for riders interested in spreading out those fuel stops even further.

"It’s a larger capacity fuel tank available in either black or natural, the later being somewhat translucent, allowing easy viewing of the fuel level."

How it works

  • Excellent fitment.
  • No weaknesses or change of color after multiple gallons of gas.
  • TE petcock improved over TC petcock.

First of all it’s important to know that we’ve mounted many oversized tanks from a variety of manufacturers on all sorts of motorcycles over the years. We’ve seen the good, bad, and everything in between. As far as fit, the 3.6-gallon IMS tank is one of the best we’ve seen. The mounting holes for shrouds and side panels all lined up perfectly and retained their the original position with no strange bulges or edges. In fact when sitting on the bike, it doesn’t feel any different than it did with the stock tank. The tank went on a 2018 TC250, the stock capacity is  1.8 gallons tank so there is a substantial increase in capacity but most of that is achieved by filling in the space that sits empty below the stock tank. The IMS tank doubles the fuel capacity which also means weight gain, if it’s full. That’s close to 11 lbs of additional fuel. Luckily the IMS tank carries the fuel pretty low so while the weight is noticeable, nobody complained about it. After all, if you need more gas, you’re only options are to carry more or stop sooner. In the case of the TC250, we’ve found it to be a pretty thirsty bike and under race conditions. We’ve been able to run it dry in a little over 30 minutes on a stock tank. For longer, GP-style events that usually run 45+ minutes, the stock tank is not an option unless you like pushing.

The only weakness we found was the TC petcock. The IMS tank requires the use of the existing petcock and the vertical design leaves the fuel line coming straight down from the bottom of the tank and sitting against the ignition cover in a potentially vulnerable position. After contemplating ideas in the shop, we decided it would be too easy for roost or anything else to damage the soft rubber fuel line. The fix was to order a petcock for the TE model Husqvarna. It has the fuel line come off the back of the petcock in a horizontal position, pretty much giving it a straight shot to the carburetor. It’s much better protected and provides a reserve position for those interested in an early warning when fuel is getting low. With a retail price of about $27, it was an easy decision and simple way to eliminate the only weakness we found using the IMS tank.

Overall, we were very impressed with the IMS tank. We’ve had it mounted for several rides and ran at least 15 gallons of race gas through it with no change in color, something translucent tanks are not always know for. While we mentioned the abrupt front edge of the tank, nobody has complained about any discomfort resulting from sensitive body parts coming into contact. Hopefully that continues to be the case. As for the actual performance and function of the tank, we are happy to have little to report. Unlike most other products we test where we really want to notice some sort of improvement or difference over stock, evaluating an oversized tank is exactly the opposite. Ideally it holds more fuel but otherwise goes unnoticed. That’s exactly our experience with this tank. Visually there’s a difference, but not one of our riders could feel it while on the bike. For someone looking to extend the range of their two stroke Husqvarna, the IMS tank is great and the $274.95 price point seems reasonable considering the quality fit and finish.

"As far as fit, the 3.6-gallon IMS tank is one of the best we’ve seen."

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