IMS 3.0 Gal Fuel Tank | 2019 KTM 250 XC

Company: IMS

Price: $325.00

  • Adds fuel capacity.
  • The tank ergo's are mostly unnoticed.
  • Quick pit stops.
  • Petcock can be a pain for some riders.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Nelson | Trevor Hunter

What it is

  • Over-sized fuel tank.
  • Increases capacity from 2.65 to 3.0 gallons.

Chances are when you think of oversized gas tanks and racing, you think of IMS. They’ve long been adorned on factory and privateer race bikes for decades for their quality fit and finish and their commitment to racing. With our KTM 250 XC project build came the need for a bigger tank ready to go the distance in longer NGPC Series races. We got our hands on the 3.0 Gallon tank a few months ago and headed for the start line. The tank comes in two colors, natural or black, and can be dry-break ready or prepared for a simple screw cap. As of now, the only size available for the 2019 model is a 3.0 gallon offering and it retails for $325.00.

"The tank comes in two colors, natural or black, and can be dry-break ready or prepared for a simple screw cap."

How it works

  • Adds much needed fuel capacity.
  • Speeds up refueling process during pit stops.
  • Adds a minimal amount of width and height.
  • Petcock is complicated.

An oversized fuel tank is always one of the first things we go to when getting an off-road bike. Whether we’re looking to do some racing and need quick pit stops or we just want to extend our trail rides, more fuel capacity accomplishes our goals. Not to mention, a wise man once said “the only time you can have too much fuel in the desert is when you’re on fire.” We wholeheartedly agree as pushing a bike is far less fun than riding a slightly heavier bike.

Upon receiving the IMS tank, it comes with quite a few extras including hardware and a petcock. The stock KTM is outfitted with wood screws holding the shrouds in place; however, IMS provides quality bolts to screw into the metal inserts placed in the tank. Additionally, it comes with a petcock, though we’ll touch on that later. 

Installation was a breeze and since the tank comes with everything needed, you can simply pull the OEM tank off and leave it with all of its hardware in tact. All of the supplied bolts inserted easily and the shrouds and seat fit like a glove - something that doesn’t always happen with aftermarket gas tanks. 

Performance wise, the tank is mostly unnoticed. Some riders notice it’s just slightly wider than stock, but for the most part, it’s hardly an issue. One thing to note is to ensure that the shrouds are secured with the bolt that’s on the side of the tank. If not, it causes the shroud to stick it quite a bit and is very noticeable for its increased width. Additionally, it only holds an additional 0.35 gallons over the stock tank so not much weight is added or felt. Also, the IMS tank adds some fuel up higher around the seat/triple clamp area so that it’s dry-break friendly and those who get really aggressive in the corners and seat at the tip of the seat will notice it can get in the way from time to time. This mostly occurs when riding on a moto track, but it’s something to note.

The only “problem” we encountered with the IMS tank is the petcock location. It sits down low and at the front of the tank in a highly exposed location. A rock can easily clip it and do some damage from the front side. Additionally, when using the supplied petcock, we continually would bump it with our leg and would end up turning the gas off a ¼ of a turn. Our best solution was to remount the OEM petcock using the supplied bolts that thread into the inserts. It’s still exposed, but we never turned the gas off with our leg which was a plus. The simple solution would be to turn the petcock around so that the lever is facing inwards; however, that would send the fuel line out towards the front wheel. 

Overall, we’re a fan of IMS tanks and this one was no exception. It added fuel capacity and reduced refueling times during our races. Earlier in the year, we had to make an extra trip through the pits at multiple races because of a smaller 2.65 gallon tank so this was much appreciated. The fit and finish is quality as always and aside from the trick petcock location, the tank has almost no drawbacks.

"Performance wise, the tank is mostly unnoticed."