Fly Sector Boots

Company: Fly Racing

Price: 349.99

  • Durable and offer good support while being protective.
  • Fair price for the quality.
  • Comfortable and vents on the upper half of inside the boot.
  • Narrow fit for a wide foot


  • Writer: Matt Mattoon
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis/Matt Mattoon

What it is

  • Fly's off-road boot that is competitive with high-end boots with it's price.

The Fly Sector is Fly’s off-road boot and comes with many of what they call premium features. The Sector has a Torsion Control System that allows the boot to flex more and cut down on break in time due to lugs that slide in and out of specially designed pockets on the sides and back of the outer shell of the boot. Inside the boot there is an inner bootie that Fly claims to be breathable with gel inserts and a mesh lining on the inside of the boot that is also claimed to be breathable. On top of the outer shell of the boot is a microfiber upper construction which claims to provide a high level of abrasion and water resistance. The shin plate is reinforced with Polyurethane at the ankle rear heal and toe box which claims to add protection. These boots come in black or white and sizes ranging from men’s 7 to 13.

"How does it compare to other company's boots that have been making quality high-end boots for years?"

How it works

  • Protective and supportive.
  • Comfortable for an average foot.
  • Has a more narrow fit.

The fly Sector boots are exactly what you pay for as far as the qualities of the boot. It has a lot of what one looks for in a boot. And it should as it is basically an Oxtar or TCX boot with Fly branding and from what we can tell they seem visually identical. They are durable, comfortable, offer good support and protection while still featuring technology you wouldn’t find in your $100-$250 boots. However it’s not really the best at any one of those categories if you compare them to other boots in high-end world. The difference? These boots won’t lighten your wallet very much.

The durability of the outer shell of this boot is what stands out to me the most. In spite of hard hits, the boot doesn’t seem to reflect the abuse it has received. Even the soles of the boots are holding up to the stresses of being on the pegs of a dirt bike. For grip we'd rate them as average everywhere. When it comes to protection, the Sector boots do a very good job at making sure your toes and ankles are not going to be broken. The polyurethane reinforced shin plate deflects hits to the point where I didn’t really feel it and the boot is very supportive around the ankle. None of the riders who wore the boot noticed it being too wide at the ankle either, a common complaint when a hinge or torsion system is built into the boot here.

The buckles are easy to use and are very adjustable. They stay latched and are pretty good at resisting abuse. They opened easier than the TCX boots even though in every aspect they are the same. The bootie is easy to get in and out for putting on the boot or just to let them air out. The upper lip of the sector is pretty thick and tough but does a pretty good job of sealing for being that strong of material. Knee braces or knee pads.

The Torsion Control System allows the boot to flex just enough side to side but more front to back due to the lugs located on three points on the outer shell moving in and out of specially designed pockets with very little resistance, not so much to the point where the boot becomes flimsy. They have a good balance of being supportive while still being able to flex comfortably. This system is very effective in keeping the boot in its original form and not requiring a very long break-in time without having to pay for a hinge.

As far as sizing, the boots are very close to what they say they are. The fit is on the narrow side which fits my average sized foot perfectly. However if you’re foot is wider than normal, you may want to try these on before purchasing a pair for yourself. The inner bootie will form to your foot after a few hours of riding making it the only part of this boot really needing a break-in. Once that is done the boot is very comfortable. However the breathing aspect of the inner bootie doesn’t really breathe any better than any other boot leaving you with a sweaty foot after a long ride when it’s warm out. Contrary to the inner bootie, the mesh on the upper part of the boot does a good job at wicking and leaves your shin not as sweaty as in other boots I've used.

When it’s all said and done, this boot is exactly what you pay for. In this case that’s not necessarily a bad thing seeing how you get mid-quality features and high-quality durability while still being a comfortable fit. To me, I like this boot because I for one can’t afford $500 for a top of the line boot but I still like to have a boot do a good job at protecting me when. If you’re looking for a boot with quality, you may want to consider these as a less expensive alternative.

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"These boots have everything you look for in a pair of boots. Comfortable, durable, protective, they even have a touch of modern technology. However these boots don't stand out at any one of those qualities when compared to other high-end boots."

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