Fly Racing LITE Racewear Gearset

Company: Fly Racing

Price: $250.00

Additional Pricing

  • Pant: $179.95
  • Jersey: $49.95
  • Glove: $21.95
  • Comfort.
  • Fit and feel is second-to-none.
  • Boa Dial is a winner in our books.
  • Boa makes some tasks a tad more difficult.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter/Scott Hoffman/HarlenFoley

What it is

  • Minimalist racewear.
  • Athletic fitting.
  • Pants feature Boa Dial.

Fly’s LITE Racewear, formally known as the Lite Hydrogen line, is their innovative gear set that features premium materials, an athletic fit, and some unique features. Fly first partnered up with Boa a few years back and utilized the Boa System first on the Evo pant, then later transferring that to the Lite Hydrogen pant as well. For 2021, Fly’s LITE pant now boasts the Boa System as the only source to tighten/loosen the pants. No zipper, no buckle, no side straps, nothing else. The design is simple in nature and is one that could be trendsetting, be it within the motorcycle industry or with everyday clothes as well. The Boa dial adjuster sits at the front of the pants where the buckle would typically go. In addition to the Boa System, the LITE pants feature stretch material throughout, leather in the inner knees, and some mesh for ventilation.

The jersey, similar to the pant, is comprised of stretch and mesh materials with an athletic fit. Likewise, a new low profile tapered collar is designed to provide comfort and the zero-cuff arm openings help retain mobility in the jersey. The accompanying gloves also reflect a minimalist design with a slip-on, limited padding construction. The single-layer palm paired with mesh finger sidewalls keep weight down and represent a minimal glove. 

The gear set is available in multiple sizes and colorways and retails for ~$250.00.

"The design is simple in nature and is one that could be trendsetting, be it within the motorcycle industry or with everyday clothes as well."

How it works

  • Boa Dial is a winner for comfort and performance.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • More durable than expected.
  • Breathable when needed.

Fly’s LITE Gear is built around one concept: Minimalism. From no zipper to minimal material and extras, it doesn’t feature anything that it isn’t required to have… except maybe a zipper? The big news with the LITE gear is the waist closure and lack of a zipper and “normal” closing system. Instead, all that holds the pants up is Fly’s signature Boa System. The two have been partners for quite a few years now, and the pants have typically placed the Boa System on the back of the pant, while still utilizing a traditional zipper and ratcheting system. 

So how does the single Boa reel hold up the pants? Quite well! We’ve always enjoyed having the Boa dial apart of the pants in the past due to its ability to conform with whatever waist it is securing against. Now, with just the dial, we get the same security and a tight fit, just in a simplified manner and with a little added comfort. The lack of a ratcheting system allows the Boa to shine even brighter as it truly does conform to our waist without anything else tugging and tightening in a single spot. We’ve raced in the pants for 2+ hours non-stop and they never once faltered, always maintaining a tight fit and staying perfectly in place. 

The only drawback with solely relying on the Boa, and its fairly minor, is putting the pants on and taking them off is a little more difficult than previous. Also, going to the bathroom is slightly more difficult. No zipper and ratchet mean you can’t spread the opening of the pants open quite as far, and if you have bigger legs and/or knee braces, it takes a little extra time to put them on -- maybe an extra 10 seconds per leg. Again, it’s not much of an issue, but it is something to note. Also, when going to the bathroom for guys, it is slightly more difficult, but not much more. 

Fit-wise, everything with this gear screams comfort. The material is softer and stretchy, but light feeling. This allows it to comply with your body and prompts movement with no hindrance. It fits slightly bigger than normal gear, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The athletic fit and material are tighter in nature, so if you’re filling it out at all, it has a little more room to give. In the pant, the crotch area was a little long for us, which made swinging a leg over the bike a little harder for shorter riders. 

Although it isn’t Fly’s vented gear, it still breathes quite well. Throughout the pant and jersey, pre-cut holes are in place and allow for adequate airflow. Also, the jersey has a mesh material around the shoulders and sides which vent and breath a good amount. The gear is good for a range of ~65*F - 90*F+ and being comfortable. 

Durability-wise, for what it is, it is quite durable. The LITE line serves as Fly’s innovative, minimalist gear designed for performance and comfort, not durability. However, after several months of wearing it and racing in the desert, GP’s, moto, etc., it still is in great shape. The jersey has standard wear-and-tear but is still in great shape and has a lot of life left in it. The pants are still in great condition as well. They are slightly stained from mud, and the butt pad on the pant is showing its age, but we don’t expect to retire this gear anytime soon. Because it is a stretchy material, they are prone to losing some of their elasticity and feeling 5-10% baggier over time. To combat this, we air dry our gear and it helps prolong the life of the gear. 

We’ve been wearing the LITE Gloves to go along with the gear, and they too boast a minimalist feel. For those who like strap-less, no padding gloves, these fit the bill. They stretch on top, have a nice palm that still allows you to feel the grip, and doesn’t feel too bulky with extra padding or rubber pieces. Like the pant and glove, it is prone to stretching, so be careful when putting the glove on and taking them off. Also, as they get sweaty, they get a little bigger and don’t fit quite as tight. 

Overall, Fly’s LITE gear is some of the most comfortable gear on the market. Its stretchy and athletic fit is right in line with what today’s standards are for most, and the Boa brings more comfort than we thought we needed. The fit is snug and secure, but slightly on the bigger side so don’t be afraid to order true-to-size if you’re bigger.

"We’ve raced in the pants for 2+ hours non-stop and they never once faltered, always maintaining a tight fit and staying perfectly in place. "