Fly Racing Kinetic K220 Gear Set

Company: Fly Racing

Price: $183.35

Additional Pricing

  • Pant: $114.95
  • Jersey: $38.95
  • Glove: $29.95
  • Very good fit.
  • Durability is great.
  • Priced fairly.
  • Zipper doesn't extend far enough.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Craig Hunter/John Kilmartin

What it is

  • Fly's "Price Point" Gear.
  • Standard fitting gear.

Fly Racing has gained rapidly in popularity over the past decade and the level of their gear has elevated in that time. They’ve got a plethora of riders outfitted in their racewear at any given pro event, and an amateur army of riders is prevalent anytime you’re at the track. In addition, they’ve brought some innovative features to the moto world like introducing the Boa system to some gear lines. With that being said, we got our hands on the new Kinetic K220 racewear from the folks at Fly. 

The Kinetic line is Fly’s price point gear set aimed at providing the basics in a durable yet functional package. The pants boast several features like mesh, stretch panels, ventilation, adjustable straps, and leather inside the knees. Likewise, the jersey features panels of different materials aimed at incorporating both performance and comfort in a durable package in a “standard” fit. Finally, the glove is a lower-mid level glove protection wise. It isn’t a complete minimalist glove, but it does utilize some added protection and different materials in certain areas along with a wrist closure strap. The whole gear set prices out to be $183.85 and is available in several sizes and colors. 

"The Kinetic line is Fly’s price point gear set aimed at providing the basics in a durable yet functional package."

How it works

  • Very good fit that's appealing to everyone.
  • Durable.
  • Average ventilation.

The Kinetic line of gear may be Fly’s lower level gear set, but the overall quality of the kit is very well made. To start, the fit of the gear is true to size and something that just about everyone will feel comfortable in. It isn’t spandex like conforming to the skin like a pair of cycling gear, but it also isn’t something out of the 90’s like an old-school hockey jersey. The jersey is decently snug but still allows for a chest protector to be worn under the jersey. Likewise, the pants are a good middle of the road fit. They have some extra room for bigger legs and accommodate knee braces well. We wore both Mobius and Alpinestars knee braces and never once had an issue fitting the pants over the jersey. The adjustable waist strap came in handy and helped us fine tune the fit of the pant depending on what we had for dinner the night before. 

For ventilation, the gear is just average. It isn’t designed to be super ventilated, but we feel and appreciate the airflow we get, especially on the side panels of the jersey. We feel we could wear this gear pretty much all year long here in SoCal without overheating or freezing during our “extreme” months. Performance wise, the gear performed well. The stretch panels all give us good mobility and no getting caught up at any time. 

Gloves are always something that gets very personal and everyone has their own opinion on what works best. For myself, I prefer minimalist slip-on gloves with virtually no padding top or bottom. The Kinetic gloves are fairly minimal, but do boast some padding on the palm and around the thumb area. Additionally, there are some rubber protection pieces on the knuckles. While these aren’t the best gloves I’ve ever worn, I still feel comfortable enough to race in them which says a lot coming from someone who is very picky with race gloves. 

Durability wise, the Fly gear is holding up well. None of the stitching is coming apart and there are no rips or tears appearing. We’ve had good luck with Fly’s durability in the past and we expect the same out of this set as well. Additionally, the leather on the inside of the knees is holding up well. Our one complaint with this gear is with the zipper on the pants. For us, the zipper doesn’t go down quite as far as we’d like. We need just another ½ inch and we’d be happy. 

Overall, the Fly Kinetic gear set is a good bang for your buck. It’s pretty well priced but still boasts some nice features like leather on the knees, adjustable pants, and well fitting in general. The gear is holding up durability wise just as we’d suspected it too and the performance and comfort is there. 

"Overall, the Fly Kinetic gear set is a good bang for your buck."