EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace

Company: EVS

Price: Pair: $479, Single: $249

  • Affordable pair of knee braces.
  • Fit and materials provide a comfortable feeling.
  • Several different options for adjustments.
  • Bulkier than other knee braces.
  • Get caught in riding pants when taking them off.
  • Can slip down leg from the normal position.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • EVS's mid-level knee brace based off of the Axis Pro knee brace.

The Axis Sport Knee Brace is EVS’s lower priced knee braced based off of the Axis Pro Knee Brace. It features plastic upper and lower cuffs rather than the carbon fiber ones found on the Pro model. An aluminum hinge with patented Tru-Motion 2.0 anatomically correct hinges keeps a low profile which allows for a more comfortable fit. The thermo fit liner lining the inside of the braces provides comfort and the Dual Defense full coverage knee cup protects the knee caps. In addition,the hyperextension lockouts are adjustable to limit how far you want to be able to extend your leg.  

The Sport is available in sizes Small to X-Large fitting leg diameters of most normal humans. It comes with instructions, some additional fitting padding, and extension stops while replacement parts are available.

"The Axis Sport Knee Brace is EVS’s lower priced knee braced based off of the Axis Pro Knee Brace."

How it works

  • Comfortable feel and doesn't interfere with the bike.
  • Several different options to adjust for perfect fit.
  • A little bulky and can slide down your leg.

I am very new to wearing knee braces but have been testing a few different ones lately. I have always been a bit skeptical of them being intolerable and bothering me as I ride. However, after riding a couple of times with the EVS braces and determining the proper setup, which is critical, they felt natural and I didn’t notice them too much while riding. They don’t interfere when squeezing the bike with my legs which is a big concern when it comes to wearing knee braces.

Included instructions are very helpful and show the proper way to tighten the straps and make adjustments for fit. We tested the Medium size and when talking to other riders, we found the EVS braces tend to run a little larger than most but the fit chart spells it all out. The braces come with four extra pads which allow you to fine tune the fit of the braces by placing them on the inside or outside of the knees. I found the best fit for me was utilizing none of the extra pads. When I installed the pads on the inside of my knees, I could notice the extra space between the bike and my legs whenever I rode. Additionally, when I had the pads on the outside of my knees, it created pressure and wanted to force me knees inward into an awkward position. But the option to customize the fit is there.

When I really noticed the knee braces the most was when I was off of the bike. Walking around or standing in them felt a little strange and after walking for awhile, they slipped down my leg about a half an inch. One way to prevent this is to have the straps a tad tighter than you might like while also making sure the pivots the straps hook on to are aligned with each other and not facing in different directions. This will help keep the straps from re-positioning themselves to align with the pivoting hooks allowing the brace to settle in place. Also, when taking off my pants after riding, it became difficult as the inside liner of the pants would get caught on the knee cups.

The straps utilized to hold the braces onto the leg do a good job of keeping the braces in place but due to the pivoting mounts, the straps can move allowing the brace to move as well. Also, the straps can be adjusted to different lengths to allow them to work on different size legs. Lastly, the inside padding was comfortable and made for a nice fit while not irritating the legs. Getting use to running the straps tight minimizes this as well. 

Although the EVS braces are comfortable, after trying some other knee braces, the Axis braces didn’t fit quite as well as the others on my legs. They are slightly bulkier around the knees than other braces and are slightly wider as well. Also, the knee cup that slides over the knee brace doesn’t move as freely as some others as it creates friction sliding over the hard plastic. But other riders who have been wearing knee braces for a long time were really complimentary of the total knee coverage and did not really notice the sliding issues I had. 

We feel the durability of the braces is as good as any. After a fair amount of use by multiple riders the only issue I noticed was some of the adhesive attaching the hook and loop tape to the knee pads was separating but in the braces defense we were changing the pads more than normal. It cleans easily and we even used a pressure washer despite the mild washing instructions. Having replacement parts and a warranty service puts the low price Sport in a class with upper-end braces too.

Overall, the EVS Axis knee braces are a great purchase without spending an astronomical amount of money. They have most of the features of high end knee braces while lacking inessential components like carbon fiber to keep the cost down. They are great for someone who has never worn knee braces and is looking to try some while also being a viable option for a seasoned knee brace owner on a budget.  

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"However, after riding a couple of times with the EVS braces and determining the proper setup, which is critical, they felt natural and I didn’t notice them too much while riding."

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