Bullet Proof Designs Rear Disc Guard

Company: Bullet Proof Designs

Price: $129.00

  • Simple install.
  • One piece design proven to be durable.
  • One of the strongest disc guards we've tested.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Anodizing shows its age over time due to roost/debris.
  • Heavier than some plastic options.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter/Harlen Foley

What it is

  • One piece aluminum rear disc guard.
  • Made in America and backed by lifetime warranty.

Bullet Proof Designs produces a variety of American Made protective guards that cover just about everything you could want on a dirt bike. Aside from a skid plate, they offer aluminum guards for all the main contact points and components, and even some you didn’t know you needed.

Rear disc guards are pretty common for off-road, and of course the BPD crew has one of their own. Constructed out of 6061 Billet Aluminum, the guard is made from one solid piece of aluminum, meaning no welds, nuts, or bolts to break or go missing. Additionally, cutouts are placed in the lower shark fin area which are intended to help maintain airflow and keep the disc cool. Most disc guards allow for an additional Caliper Guard (either a BPD guard or stock guard) to bolt on without a hassle.The guard retails for $129.00 and comes in Silver, Black, and OEM colorways and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

"Constructed out of 6061 Billet Aluminum, the guard is made from one solid piece of aluminum, meaning no welds, nuts, or bolts to break or go missing."

How it works

  • Easy to install.
  • Superb job protecting the disc and preventing bent rotors.
  • Excellent fit causing no issues with brakes, wheel alignment, etc.

To start, installation is a breeze. Removing the rear wheel, brake caliper, and caliper sliders is a very simple task that even the most novice mechanics can figure out in a matter of minutes. There’s only a few bolts involved in the process and re-installation with the Bullet Proof products is exactly the same as stock, which isn’t always the case with products like these. 

The fit and finish of the BPD Rear Disc Guard is second to none in our books. We’ve tested multiple disc guards across a variety of different bikes and we have yet to have a single issue with fitment issues. With other disc guards tested, the slightest tolerances being off have caused rear wheels to not fit properly, brake pads to get hung up, and brake pad retainers to not fit in their space. With every disc guard we’ve mounted to date, we’ve seen perfect fitment and proper brake function every time.

As far as protection, Bullet Proof Designs’ guard has stood up to the challenge of protecting our rear rotors. The lower fin protrudes down as far as the disc goes and the guard is pretty thick in that region. It’s held up well from sliding through rock crevasses and side impacts and we haven’t bent any yet. And looking at some gouges and wear at the front of the shark fin, we can say it’s taken the abuse over the rotor from front impacts. 

Notably, one benefit we’ve seen with this disc guard is the guard doesn’t extrude out to protect completely in front of the rotor. While it does leave some exposure to the disc, it makes for much quicker and easier rear wheel changes since the tire doesn’t get caught on a disc guard sticking out and in the way. Instead, wheels slide in and out freely with nothing to clear.

The only negative we have come up with is that the anodizing is prone to take abuse. However, that’s not something only associated with the BPD guard. The nature and the abuse the guard takes will show its age with any anodized disc guard. Running the silver options, they hold their look longer than an anodized version as the silver color remains the same, it just becomes a little more dull over time. 

Also to note, since it is solid aluminum, it is heavier than going with a plastic option, but it’s also much more durable than the plastic variants out there. In places where we’ve torn plastic guards off the bike, the BPD guard stays true and holds its own. It is heavier than a plastic guard, but not by much and with the durability factor mixed in, aluminum guards are tough to beat for serious off-road riders.

It may seem like a simple piece, but there is a lot to a rear disc guard, especially in the fit. A lot of times, we don’t like to go away from stock caliper hangers since fitment and brake performance can be altered in a bad way, but the Bullet Proof Designs Guards have always been spot on. Plus, they offer great coverage and protection to a highly exposed area. Before running these, bending discs became a pretty common theme for us, but we have yet to have that issue with BPD guards in place. Lastly, to back it all up, Bullet Proof Designs offers a lifetime warranty on this guard and their other products which is always reassuring and conifidence inspiring.

"The fit and finish of the BPD Rear Disc Guard is second to none in our books."