BRP 4 Post Rubber Mounted Triple Clamp

Company: BRP

Price: $290

  • Vibration damping that works.
  • Works with Scotts Steering dampers in a simple design.
  • Easy bolt on.
  • Pricy.
  • Only available in black.


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • BRP combines the top triple clamp with it's four-post rubber mounting.

The BRP 4 Post Rubber Mounted Triple Clamp claims to offer vibration dampening in a new machined upper triple clamp. It is available with BRP’s Pro SX single piece top bar clamp which decreases the possibility of bar twist, or a Scotts Steering Stabilizer Top Clamp allowing you to continue running your stabilizer in the top mounted position. BRP triple clamps are manufactured in the USA from 6061-T6 billet aluminum which is claimed stronger and comparable in weight to stock. Precision machined fork bores feature a two-pinch bolt design that increases the clamping surface on the forks which can prevent fork twist in the event of a hard landing or crash. The clamp is finished in a black anodize and comes with both red (hard) and blue (softer) elastomers.

"The BRP 4 Post Rubber Mounted Triple Clamp claims to offer vibration dampening in a new machined upper triple clamp."

How it works

  • Easy bolt on.
  • Combines two parts into one.
  • Noticeable reduction in vibration to the handlebars.

We wanted to run an oversize bar on our Honda CRF450RX and have used a number of bar mounts and clamp options to accomplish this, especially in using the Scotts Steering Damper. But BRP had an even better solution in simplicity and function. The vibration reducing 4 Post design incorporated directly into the top clamp, not bolting atop the stock clamp like previous versions. This allows the handlebars to stay at a height closer to stock, has less clutter in the handlebar area and is very sano in design.

It is as easy to mount as the stock clamp and changing out the elastomers is quick and efficient too. Everything lined up perfect and the quality of the clamp is first rate. We just torqued everything down to spec and put the bars back on. We first tried the standard red elastomers and as the claims state, some vibration was noticed. Then we switched over to the blue elastomers and then there was another step on the vibration reduction and even some in the sharp bump impact. The clamp even complimented the feel through Fasst Co. Flexx Bars.

What was surprising was that the vibration damping was more noticeable on this unit then some of the other bolt-on-top 4 Post Rubber Mounted Bar Clamps we have on other bikes. When talking with BRP they were surprised but had not really thought much about why. We can only theorize that maybe since the position of the four posts are now more square and not triangulated like on the bolt-on-top design, it reduced vibration further. For sure when you tug and push on the bar you can see more movement and flexibility compared to the earlier design. And for our Honda CRF this was a home run product. It helped take even some more of the sharpness in the chassis feel and made us less critical of the suspension settings. It takes most of the sting from the rider’s feeling.

The mounting of the Scotts damper was seamless with the clamp and everything related to the clamp had a tight feel. The movement is minimal, especially when compared to the Flexx Bars movement. The bracing on the bottom of the clamp is strong and different in direction from the stock Honda part but we did not notice any handling changes. Only less vibration and sting. The bar position did not change much in height from stock and put the pars in a slightly more forward place from standard--like we have come to prefer.

This clamp impressed us much more than we thought it would. We expected the perfect fit and it allowing the use of oversized bars. We did not expect the increase in comfort to be as noticeable as it was. It was even a couple of ounces lighter than the stock clamp with oversized bar mounts installed. At $290 it isn’t inexpensive but it does a lot more than just a billet colored part. As well as for the Honda CRF, the clamps are available for a lot of the KTM's and Yamaha's now and more models coming soon.

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"This clamp impressed us much more than we thought it would."

One Response to “BRP 4 Post Rubber Mounted Triple Clamp”

  1. Jimmy Lewis

    We have done this. Each product acts a little different in the vibration department specifically and then different again in the sharp hit bump absorption. To describe it would take a small book. The BRP clamp has a wider range of vibration damping feel to the rider than the Flexx bar does but the amount you feel depends on the different bars as well. Pro-Tapers are different than some of the standard KTM bars, for instance even in the BRP clamp. The elastimers change the amount and RPM range where you feel the vibration.
    The Flexx bars are better at absorbing the sharp hits and can be adjusted quite a lot in this aspect. So depending on what you are looking to minimize, I think you n ow know how to choose.


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