Adventure Pockets Moto Pocket

Company: Adventure Pockets

Price: $29.95-$39.95

  • Stores stuff in a super convienet way.
  • Simple to install, attach and remove
  • Makes storage where there was none before.
  • Hope you like black.
  • Some custom smaller shapes would be nice, but they are coming...


  • Writer: Jimmy Lewis
  • Photographer: Jimmy Lewis

What it is

AdventurePOCKETS makes the motoPOCKET,  a highly water-resistant, removable and convenient glove compartment for your motorcycle.  They attach to the inside of your windshield or inside of a pannier with the company's patent-pending Velcro-like loop pad. Designed for storing your cell phone, garage door opener, eyeglass cleaner or other small items that get lost easily or take up on-body pocket space. A small adhesive pad with an alcohol swab and squeegee applicator is included.

Recently the pockets have been given a more UV resistant material and some sizing options will be added for bikes like the KTM 1190, Suzuki V-Strom and Honda Africa Twin. There is even an upgraded more water resistant zipper as well.

"A convenient glove compartment for your motorcycle."

How it works

The motoPOCKET is a “why didn’t I think of that?” idea. Simple and effective, the addition of some well though storage space usually does not hurt anyone, aside from the packrats in this world. DBT tested both the origional motoPOCKET that mounts behind the windscreen and then the side case pannier motoPOCKET that attaches to the lid of the side case. With these lid pockets there was a normal version and one that used a netting to allow breathability and much expansion.

Installation was as simple as sticking on the hook and loop adhesive backed sticker and placing it in the position you want the pocket to sit. We allowed the suggested 24-hours for the adhesive to gain strength before pulling the pocket off its attachment point and never had an issue with it coming loose, even when stuffed with heavier items in aggressive riding. Our first pocket was so old it featured a different type of hook and loop connection yet it still worked just as new. The case covers were just as simple. Clean the area and stick on the adhesive backed attachments.

In use the zippers are robust and easy to use with a little string for an easy grab. The pockets hold stuff out of the way and in areas that are underutilized. The pockets are just plain convenient in so many ways. For the quick-reach things like garage door openers, wallets toll change and glasses the windscreen mounted pocket becomes a necessity you never knew you needed. I miss them on my adventure bikes that are not equipped. On bikes with larger windscreens it is an easy fit but some of the newer KTM’s and some others the pocket is a bit wide. We mounted ours low enough so it never interfered with vision, so that was not an issue. In reality if you look through it you are just seeing the front fender, nothing to see there.

On the case lid pockets the added convenience of a separate compartment to keep things that you’d like at a moment's notice. It takes some of the pain of digging and shoveling pannier packing. Especially the mesh netting pocket. It was great for damp items like towels as those things that tend to grow when buried among other stuff. The adhesive and attachments held strong and the pockets could be removed if needed. Having some light travel things in a quick detach case made grabbing a shower or hotel room an easy transition.

Finding products that make life easier is always a positive, especially where there was no downside to them. The MotoPOCKETS are priced affordably and once in use you’ll wonder how you lived without them.


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" For the quick-reach things like garage door openers, wallets toll change and glasses the windscreen mounted pocket becomes a necessity you never knew you needed."