2018 KLIM XC Gear Set

Company: Klim

Price: $200

Additional Pricing

  • $129.99 Pant
  • $39.99 Jersey
  • $29.99 Glove
  • Premium gear for an average price.
  • Durability.
  • Good venting.
  • Good overall fit for a wide range of riders.
  • Jersey runs one size big.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter, Jimmy Lewis

What it is

  • KLIM's off-road race gear.
  • Pant, jersey, and glove available in four colorways.

With a strong presence in the off-road/adventure style riding and in the snow sports, KLIM introduced the XC Lite line of gear to appeal to the moto/racer type. With their “fastest off-road gear” to date, KLIM has entered a new gear market after being successful in all of their other snow and motorcycle product lines with their four colorway XC Lite line. Utilizing the latest fabrics for optimal mobility and durability, the highly ventilated mesh jersey features elastic cuffs and a silicone grip on the back of the hem. The jersey is available for $39.99 in sizes SM-3XL.

Similarly, the vented mesh pant is built with genuine leather in the knee and low bulk material below the knee while vented TPU’s are integrated into the knees. Additionally, a moisture-wicking mesh liner is anchored in the knee area to reduce bunching while a zippered thigh pocket can hold small items like a phone or food. Lastly, side waist adjusters allow for a more fine-tuned fit. It is available in sizes 28-42 for $129.99. The XC Lite glove is a slip-on glove with a silicone pull tab with silicon grip print on the fingers and E-Touch fingers for electronic use. Likewise, a single layer perforated palm paired with AX suede synthetic leather is claimed to offer a superior grip and fit while TPU knuckle protection is in place. The glove is available in sizes SM-3XL for $29.99.

"With their “fastest off-road gear” to date, KLIM has entered a new gear market after being successful in all of their other snow and motorcycle product lines with their four colorway XC Lite line."

How it works

  • Very durable.
  • Excellent venting.
  • Good overall fit.
  • Jersey size runs large.

Recent gear trends lately have been tight, minimal, and flashy. While some gravitate towards this trend (the youth), others resent it and try to stay away from it (the experienced). KLIM’s XC Lite line answers the needs of the older crowd while still applying the wants of the younger generation by integrating both without going too extreme. Tight in some areas while loose in others, KLIM does a pretty good job with their foray into the competitive racer gear market.

With stretch panels in certain places and more of a mesh fabric for the main chassis, the pants offer good mobility. They are a tad baggy in the crotch area but not so bad as to stand out in a glaringly bad way. Additionally, the side straps used to fine-tune the adjustment of the pants were perfect to find the right fit without creating any pressure points. The weight of the gear is right in the middle of brands we are familiar with. It isn’t super light like some premium and/or flimsy lower level gear sets but it also doesn’t weigh a ton compared to some other high-end or average gear lines. The pant allows for free movement yet it is built tough as not to compromise durability. It is much lighter than the previous generation of XC gear and riders familiar with the older style noticed the weight right away, especially the pant.  In reality it is the combination of the weight (weight of pant, jersey and gloves is 2 lb. 1 oz. for 34/L/10) and the mobility that really stands out. The pocket is a nice touch, large enough for a phone or a snack bar, maybe both.

The ventilation of the gear has air flowing right through the jersey and even the pant. So much air that it got a bit chilly at times when just putting around any time below 65 degree temperatures. In the heat, this venting is appreciated. With venting usually comes a weaker jersey that tears apart easily. With quite a bit of off-road riding in the desert and some GP style racing, we have yet to find any weakness and its holding true to KLIM’s reputation. The material is tougher than it looks or feels yet you really have to get into something sharp to tear it. Likewise, the gloves are still in good shape and the pant is wearing like iron as well with just some of the silicone blistering off a finger and some seam threads on the butt patch of the pant getting frayed on one pair. This after a few months time and after use in sand and muddy conditions.

The glove is minimalist for sure with just a little bit of TPU rubber on the knuckles. And it is a hit or a miss, mostly from riders who like or dislike the slip-on verses closure at the wrist. If you like slip on these are fine and the fit is average for most hands. There is no padding on the palm and some give in the material so it does conform as needed to most hands. Some riders might also like more of the synthetic leather on the side of the thumb, but as we said, these are minimalist. And you can use a touch screen phone with your index finger through the glove on if that matters to you.

The sizing for the XC Lite gear is pretty good but the jersey is a little on the big side. I am typically a medium jersey; however, I am on the smaller side for a medium. Our XL sized rider wore a L comfortably. With the XC Lite jersey, going down a size to a small was definitely needed as the arms were quite long and the fit was baggy - even with a chest protector worn underneath. The pants fit spot-on but with knee braces, the knee area was a little tight but that is something found with most of the gear out there. It stretches and conforms as needed and helped the braces stay in place. The glove has a good fit to it as well. I am usually a fan of slip-on gloves and while the XC Lite gloves are good, it is a just tight squeeze trying to put them on.

Overall, KLIM’s XC Lite line is a good set of off-road riding gear. Although it may not be the most popular or the flashiest set of gear, it works and it really lasts. For light gear we’d say it is super durable and we appreciate that as much as we ride. Without any glaring faults or standout accolades--priced at $200.00 for the set, it isn’t the cheapest set of gear but it certainly isn’t the most expensive either. We have been using KLIM for years now with both their adventure style lines and now with the XC Lite line and it continues to deliver on what we need - product that works.

"We've have been using KLIM gear for years--now with the XC Lite line and it continues to deliver on what we need - product that works."

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