2018 Fox 360 Gear Set

Company: Fox

Price: $264.85

Additional Pricing

  • Pant: $174.95
  • Jersey: $54.95
  • Glove: $29.95
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Good mobility and venting.
  • Comfortable athletic fit.
  • Pricey.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Ryan Nitzen, Jimmy Lewis, Trevor Hunter

What it is

  • Fox's "2nd Tier" Gear Line.
  • Premium gear set offered in 12 different styles.
  • Minimalist glove.

Fox has long been a prestigious and elite level gear company amongst the motocross world. It’s no wonder we see some of the best riders in the world like Ken Roczen and Chad Reed outfitted in Fox’s apparel and helmet/boot lines. Their 360 gear set is their second tier line of gear behind the Flex Air line and features a pant, a jersey, and a glove set. The 360 jersey is claimed to offer exceptional comfort and durability with its moisture wicking fabric and strategically placed mesh in the back, shoulder, and side panels. Additionally, athletic fit cuffs and a collar are utilized with fade free sublimated graphics and a drop tail in the rear of the jersey. It’s available in sizes S-XXL in twelve different styles for $59.95.

In addition to the jersey, Fox’s 360 pant features TruMotion 4-way stretch fabric for a claimed increase in range of motion while 600D polyester provides strength and durability. Likewise, it is constructed in Rider Attack Position (RAP) for a precise fit allowing for optimal position. Laser perforations and vents are utilized for cooling while the knee area features cow leather backed with abrasion resistant material. The 360 pant is available in sizes 28-38 for $174.95.

Finally, Fox’s matching Airline glove is a minimalist glove providing a precise fit and lightweight feel. TruFeel technology is implemented on the fingertips for better grip and control to match the ultra-light 4-way stretch polyester and single layer Clarino palm. Lastly, stretch mesh finger gussets and a compression molded cuff allow for a secure yet flexible fit. The Airline glove is available in sizes S-XXL for $29.95 in four colorways.

"The 360 jersey is claimed to offer exceptional comfort and durability with its moisture wicking fabric and strategically placed mesh in the back, shoulder, and side panels."

How it works

  • Durable.
  • Comfortable athletic fit.
  • Allows for mobility on the bike.
  • Lightweight.

Fox’s 360 line of gear recently underwent a few changes to continue to evolve and keep up with competitor gear lines and the constant flow of technology and trends. A common trend the past few years is a tighter athletic fit all the way around with the pants and jersey and the 360 line fits that bill. Though not compression tight, it isn’t baggy and it doesn’t have much, if any, unnecessary material to cut down on weight without limiting movement.

True to par, Fox’s 360 gear set is pretty lightweight and allows for good mobility. It’s weight almost feels like something found on a lower level gear line that has the bare minimum with no extra fluff, yet it has all the flexibility and range of motion that’s found an elite level gear set without the weight these features usually bring. Also, the venting on the gear is pretty good.

The jersey has a nice fit and the arm area wasn’t too baggy like some other gear. Additionally, the collar on the jersey wasn’t too tight or riding too high as to where it becomes a nuisance and bothersome. With the venting on the back and sides of the jersey, it allowed for good airflow to keep you rather cool when doing motos at the track or riding around in the desert. The material has some moisture wicking but you still get sweaty in it and it dries on par with other technical fabrics.

The fit of the 360 pant is spot on but beware - like the jersey they have a tighter fit. When wearing knee braces, there wasn’t much additional room in the knee area and getting the pants on wasn’t a breeze--you have to tug them over most knee braces. There is about 2 inches of adjustment in the waist closure and with stretch panels on the side so you can grow or shrink a little with these pants. But the way the pant sits on most rider’s hips with the cut in the “Rider Attack Position” seems to make moving on the bike seamless and without the pant wanting to slide around  or pull off your hips when you are sitting. The tight knee isn’t an issue when riding and also helped keep knee braces in place. When removing the pant you basically have to peel it off instead of sliding it off, usually they end up inside-out..

All gloves are a bit different and everyone has their preferences with fit, function, padding, etc. The Airline glove is a minimalist glove with no extra padding on the palms, no rubber pieces on the top of the glove, and it’s a slip-on design. For myself, I prefer having the slip-on glove since it’s pretty easy to put on/take off and I like the feel around my wrists. However, other testers prefer a strap for ease of use and the feel on the wrist - all personal preference. Likewise, I like minimal padding on the palms so I can have a good feel for the bike. The TruFeel “knobbies” on the fingertips took a little bit of time to get used to but after a couple laps around the track it wasn’t too noticeable. Fox gloves have traditionally been the best fitting gloves for riding dirt bikes and these are no exception.

The durability of this 360 gear is what you’d expect out of a premium gear line. The inner knee area is holding up very well and we have yet to have any holes or find any torn stitching anywhere on the pants or jersey. Similarly, the jersey doesn’t have any wear spots or tears and it too looks as good as new. The material seems a bit tougher than in the past. The gloves have lost a few “knobbies” on the fingers but the material and stitching is holding up strong.  

Overall, the 360 line of gear Fox offers is a great set of gear. It weighs in right at 2-pounds so it is in the lighter weight for a size 34/XL. It has the fit and feel of an elite level set of gear even though it’s their “second tier” gear offering. It is a bit pricey at close to $265 for the set but it’s performance and comfort matched with the durability we’ve come to know with Fox's upper lines is hard to beat. It is more of an athletic fit with a tighter and minimalist design but in keeping up with the latest trends in plenty of styles and colors, they are doing a good job.

"It has the fit and feel of an elite level set of gear even though it’s their “second tier” gear offering."

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