2018 Fly Racing Evolution 2.0 Gear Set

Company: Fly Racing

Price: $270

Additional Pricing

  • Pant: $174.95
  • Jersey: $54.95
  • Glove: $39.95
  • Wide range of adjustment.
  • Durability.
  • Enough room for knee braces.
  • Boa system.
  • Looks.
  • Gloves have a little too much material for some.


  • Writer: Trevor Hunter
  • Photographer: Trevor Hunter

What it is

  • Fly's premium level gear.
  • Pants feature Boa technology.

Fly Racing’s Evolution 2.0 gear set is their premium line of gear built to be durable yet still perform at the highest standards. Reinforced laser-cut perforations and a full mesh back with mesh mixed in other areas assist in keeping the rider cool while the neck and shoulder panels feature multi-directional Lycra. Additionally, seamless construction is designed to prevent chafing while sublimated graphics are claimed to be long-lasting. The jersey is available in sizes YXL-2XL for $54.95.

Fly’s Evolution 2.0 pants are very unique amongst other pants since they feature Boa technology. The Boa technology allows the pants to have a precise fit along with the standard ratchet system. In addition, mesh and laser-cut perforations are utilized to allow for some ventilation while the legs feature a stealth zipper to allow for more customizable airflow. An internal pocket is located inside the waistband stretch panels are strategically placed where flexibility is needed most. DuPont Kevlar stitching keeps the leather heat shields attached to the inside of the knees while advanced Lycra covers the seat panel to reduce pulling while sitting down. The pants retail for $174.95 and are available in sizes 26-40.

The Fly Evolution 2.0 glove serves as Fly’s premium race glove with four-way stretch and Lycra materials with a vented double-layered Clarino palm. Likewise, woven back panels allow for increased mobility while silicon grippers on the fingertips allow for better grip. The gloves are available in sizes YL-3XL for $39.95.

"Fly’s Evolution 2.0 pants are very unique amongst other pants since they feature Boa technology."

How it works

  • Durable.
  • Boa system allows for an expansive range of adjustment.
  • Knee braces fit comfortably.
  • Good amount of venting.

The Evo 2.0 gear set is Fly’s premier gear line and its assets certainly prove that. The Boa system, which is more common in the cycling world, exists as a high end feature and Fly was the first to implement it into a gear set a few years back on the same Evolution 2.0 line. They have since added it to the Lite Hydrogen line since it is such a popular accessory amongst its users.

When using the Boa system, it did a great job of distributing the tension around the waist rather than just in one small area. It resulted in a much more comfortable fit around the waist - one we could where for 8-10 hours a day with no uncomfortable feelings. Additionally, if you are in between sizes or have disproportionate legs/waist, the Boa closure system allows for a fine tuning and can accommodate a large waist difference. We even tested a set of pants that was one size too big and we were still able to get a tight enough fit using the Boa. The opposite was true as well as one tester, a usual 34 was able to fit in a 32 with minimal tightness. The knees are sized with knee braces in mind but luckily are not too loose.

The venting on this gear set is pretty good. We never wore it above temperatures of low-mid 80’s but at that temperature it was still comfortable to have on. Additionally, we did some night riding in it and when the temperature dropped into the high 50’s we preferred to have a jacket on as long as we weren’t working too hard riding technical trails. Also, the jersey is lightweight but the pants are a little heavy (still lightweight compared to a lot of other gear) and has less ventilation than the jersey provided. We used the zipper vents on the outside of the knees and it helped, but if we were to be riding in warmer temperatures we’d prefer the Lite Hydrogen line instead.

The jersey is a good product. Nothing stands out in a good or bad way. It isn’t a tight fitting or a compression jersey like some gear companies have gone towards in recent years but it fits comfortably and allows for ample movement with no real hinderance. It also has a good amount of venting for when the terrain slows down and the temperature seems to rise. It’s sizing is just a little on the larger size for each size but not enough to where you go down a size because of it.

Gloves are something everyone has a different opinion about. Some like minimal material while others are looking for gloves that can fulfill the need for handguards. I prefer a minimalist glove and I even like the slip-on feature - something I have found most don’t like. The Evo glove is sort of a middle of the line glove. It has a small amount of extra padding on the palm on some extra padding with some small rubber guards on the fingers and knuckles. The fit is average for gloves but luckily it isn’t too tight getting on for a glove without a closure and is never feeling like it can come off become loose unwantedly.

The durability with this gear set has been pretty good with about 15 hours of riding time in it. The jersey has some wear in it right where our plastic chest protector sits and rubs. Likewise, the cuffs on the jersey has some very slight wear in it but nothing serious. Other than that, the rest of the gear is holding up well. The leather on the inside of the knees look great still and none of the seams are coming apart and the zipper on the pant works as good as ever. One thing to note about the zipper is it has a zipper lock strap on it. It has a Velcro strap that goes through a loop and keeps everything nice and tight. After the first couple of times using it, I got lazy and stopped looping it through. Instead I would leave it undone and I never had a problem.

As with everything, we experienced some very minor problems with this gear set - specifically the pants. One tester who has fairly long legs got the “pocket” on the knee cup caught on the end of the radiator shrouds of our Beta 300. On his normal CRF250R, he has never experienced this and has yet to have a problem with it except for on the Beta. Additionally, we have had this pocket fill up with dirt and debris when riding. Nothing major but it has happened and at the end of the day we just shook it out and didn’t think about it again.

In conclusion, Fly’s Evolution 2.0 gear set is a good premium gear set. It has some unique features that set it apart from the competition with its Boa closure system on the pant. Additionally, the durability has been pretty good and everything fits and feels like a high end gear set should.

"The Boa system, which is more common in the cycling world, exists as a high end feature and Fly was the first to implement it into a gear set a few years back on the same Evolution 2.0 line."

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