Weekly Dirt – 6/7

By DBT Staff

Welcome to DBT’s Weekly Dirt section where we compile all of the latest and greatest moto news in one place for your dirty enjoyment! We compile everything from news, tips, and tricks. . . To laughs, wows, and the occasional WTF’s of the moto industry. We know how hard it can be to spend the hours at work daydreaming about your next weekend moto, so get your MX fill here every week!

Jarryd McNeil wins X Games Moto X Best Whip at X Games Austin 2016

For the second year on a row a backward whip tosses the crowd with their jaws dropped.

AMA Pro Motocross: KTM’s Ken Roczen is on FIRE!

If not for a mechanical issue in one moto, KR would have swept the first six motos of the season in convincing fashion. Even with Kroc did not get a great start in Lakewood in the second moto, it did not stop him from charging to the front and taking the win. Thus far it seems like he is a step above the field. Yet we said the same thing when Eli Tomac did the same thing last season before eating S#@& at Lakewood last year. It is never over till its over, great words from the movie Animal House.
If you missed the racing action on the TV, you can find it on the WWW or click full screen below to watch it larger than Apple Watch

Photo: Suzuki

450 Class Thunder Valley Results

1. Ken Roczen…1-1
2. Ryan Dungey…2-4
3. Eli Tomac…5-2
4. Cole Seely…6-3
5. Trey Canard…3-6
6. Josh Grant…4-7
7. Justin Barcia…11-8
8. Matt Bisceglia…10-10
9. Christophe Pourcel…8-12
10. Justin Bogle…7-13
11. Broc Tickle…14-9
12. Fredrik Noren…12-11
13. Justin Brayton…9-14
14. Marvin Musquin…37-5
15. Benny Bloss…13-15
16. Ben LaMay…15-16
17. Andrew Short…17-18
18. Dillan Epstein…19-17
19. Noah McConahy…16-20
20. Toshiki Tomita…20-19

AMA 450 Point Standings

3 of 12 rounds
1. Ken Roczen…143
2. Ryan Dungey…131
3. Eli Tomac…114
4. Trey Canard…97
5. Cole Seely…89
6. Josh Grant…88
7. Jason Anderson…73
8. Marvin Musquin…64
9. Justin Barcia…62
10. Broc Tickle…50

250cc Thunder Valley Results
1. Joey Savatgy…2-1
2. Jeremy Martin…1-3
3. Alex Martin…8-2
4. Zach Osborne…4-6
5. Cooper Webb…3-8
6. Martin Davalos…7-5
7. Jordon Smith…5-12
8. Shane McElrath…12-7
9. Austin Forkner…17-4
10. Mitchell Harrison…11-11
11. Aaron Plessinger…14-10
12. R.J. Hampshire…10-14
13. Arnaud Tonus…18-9
14. Adam Cianciarulo…6-38
15. Colt Nichols…15-13
16. Mitchell Oldenburg…9-25
17. Jessy Nelson…13-34
18. Luke Renzland…39-15
19. Anthony Rodriguez…21-16
20. Kyle Cunningham…19-18

AMA 250 Point Standings

3 of 12 rounds
1. Joey Savatgy…123
2. Jeremy Martin…120
3. Alex Martin…114
4. Cooper Webb…110
5. Aaron Plessinger…81
6. Austin Forkner…80
7. Zach Osborne…78
8. Jessy Nelson…65
9. R.J. Hampshire…59
10. Jordon Smith…52

Carlin Dunn wins Baja 500 Ironman class

Who is Carlin Dun some may ask? He was in the latest On Any Sunday movie racing up Pikes Peak,he is an insane extreme mountain bike rider, can race supermoto, toss it sideways on a speedway bike and drag his knee on a road racer. He even helps run a Ducati dealership in Santa Barbra. Now he’s an off-road ace. Dunn has all of the talent but always jumps around from one form or another on two-wheels. I guess he is kind of like a younger version of Malcolm Smith. Well his latest endeavor landed him Ironman of the 2016 Baja 500.This was his photo from his Facebook page after his win.

Erzberg Rodeo: Red Bull Hare Scrambles Final

American lands himself on the podium, yet Graham Jarvis takes the title.
Click on the link here to watch the entire final

Almost Famous?

It is hard to believe that there was a time that the three-wheeled world blew up and all of the Fab-Four Japanese brands jumped on board. Today, the three wheeler went away like all-leather motocross pants, air-cooled two-strokes and conventional forks.

What An Ass

There is nothing worse then when some Jackass gets in your line while racing a motorcycle. Now this really happened. We spotted these photos on Facebook @ MotoX by Mario Hamburg. In the last shot the stinking ass almost looks like he is laughing as he runs off.

We all get a little heated from time to time. Even the Pros. . .

This is a pretty solid compilation of attitude in MX, compiled for your dirty enjoyment!


Instagram Video of the Week

Sometimes it pays to look ahead. . . Gotta stay on the trail!


If it goes fast, It probably needs to stop fast too. . .

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