Weekly Dirt – 5/3/16

Fresh Dirt


Get your dirty fill here with our Fresh Dirt column! Where we scour the web for recent, weekly content that you can waste your lunch break on. From the pros, to the bros, to the ladies…(OK, not those kind of ladies.) This week we have most of for you right here. Don’t blame us for the dirty grin you get after!

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Official Word: Roger DeCoster Totally Burned out at KTM

Official Word: Roger DeCoster Totally Burned out at KTM


Catch up!


Don’t fall behind on the track, or on the standing of your favorite championships. Motocross Action has a good weekly roundup of racer results, as well as other useful information.



OLD COUNTRY: Martin Davalos [Ep. 5]

In this 5th installment of Old Country by Motocross Action Martin Davalos and Chad Reed rip up some Florida clay.

Le Gran Diferencia. . . Comprende?


I might be mistaken, but I think the wrong athletes are making the most money. Unless some of it is for acting.



Want to read about mud in the desert?




This guy has solid control. We especially like the wheelie – stoppie transition at 0:39.



Does your chick ride?


Well, if she does it is probably a little differently than this.


Instagram Video of the week!

Technology isn’t all bad. . . It has given us the ability to moto inside our homes!

Bad Weather? Ride inside? @luis_yamaha19 ?TAG YOUR FRIENDS? #mx #moto #motocross #sx #supercross #dirtbikes #dirtbikevideos

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