Weekly Dirt – 5/23/16

Fresh Dirt

Don’t take a dirt nap, we’ve got all the dusty excitement that you could need right here on Weekly Dirt! We scour the web every week for new and interesting dirt bike content so you can pretend to be doing work, and focus on what’s really important! (Moto, duh?)


If you missed the Hangtown Classic, then here is the highlights for the day!


Pro Motocross racers talk about their first time racing, and what it was like.

Monster Energy Supercross: Chasing the Dream

This is arguably one of the best shows covering the sport right now, take a look here!

Some might say that this is unlucky, but we think it’s just the price you pay for good video. Do it for the Clip!


One thing is for sure, Motocross is not easy. Another thing is also for sure, having only one arm can only make it harder. Much respect for Craig Parks, the fastest one armed motocross racer? Never give up!

2017 Supercross Tickets $5


Check out our post from last week to see how you can watch all the 2017 races Live, for dirt cheap!



You might want a Husky


See why!