Weekly Dirt – 5/17/16

Fresh Dirt

From Double Frontflips to Angry Hicks, we’ve got all the moto content from the last week compiled here in Weekly Dirt. Fresh Dirt every Tuesday you can waste your lunch break away on!

If this is all it takes to learn how to jump doubles then we’re getting a Snickers Bar! You know you ride with guys like this.


But if we want to do triples, then we’ll take a Kate’s Bar: http://dirtbiketest.com/product-tests/kates-real-food-energy-bars/


Want to see and learn about the 2017 KTMs? Click the photo.



Nitro Circus: FMX Double Frontflip


One of Travis Pastrana’s friends Greg Duffy has just landed a double frontflip! Click the link below for more info and a video of the stunt.

What goes through the minds of these athletes? Travis Pastrana Explains:

This will piss you off!

You could use them for getting kids off the streets! Click for full story!



Angry People vs. Dirtbikes

The creator of this compilation needs a new username, but other than that here is a pretty solid compilation. These riders fought back a lot less than I would have after being pushed off of my bike.

 We got to ride Honda’s new Africa Twin and here is a link to the story:



Hare & Hound Champion Destry Abbott needs some help:



MXGP of Trentino Highlights

If you missed the MXGP race last Sunday here is the highlights provided by MXGPTV.com!

Everyone loves a good Fails Video

Warning: some fails are gnarly and may make you wish everyone always wore a helmet.

Instagram Video of The Week

Endurocross can definitely eat you up sometimes. Then spit you out. . . And eat you again. Rough crash!