Weekly Dirt – 4/19/16

Fresh Dirt

We’ve got some really interesting stuff this week, from bike-gossip and spy content to new single-tracks, and age-old arguments. Save time searching and get your dirty moto fix here!


Your Monday morning place to go to see who finished where even if today is Tuesday!


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Spy Dirt

Don’t worry if it says these are Kawasaki KXs, these are indeed Yamahas.


It is still April. . .

You may think that is big news but we’ve heard about a totally redesigned YZ85 and new little brother in the Yamaha lineup. a YZ65. Don’t belive us, this may be video proof… or not!

Sometimes The MAN watches your YouTube video!

Remember the video of the real estate agent riding his KTM EXC to work doing a little “work” on the way? Well the heat is having a review of the video to see if any laws were broken…

SLO County motorcycle stunt irks law enforcement, video

Red Bull Minas Riders 2016

This is Day One and it will only get worse. Hard!


2 strokes vs. 4-Strokes: A Timeless Argument

Two strokes vs. Four-strokes, it has been going on a while…

Dirt Slang

Everyone “BRAAAAAP”s in their own way.


Go Pro: Renner Rips up the Idaho Dunes

Gotta love the beauty of the dunes. . . Especially when they are getting ripped up by one of the greats!

Do you like to ride? Do you want to keep riding? Pay attention to the people who are fighting for that right. Don Amador is one of those guys and you should keep an eye on his progress and support when you can.Don


Want to play a game? Guess how much this CR250R weighs and if you are the first one who is correct we might just send you a DBT shirt! Reply in the comments below. And if you found the info on another site you might just be an internet moto troll. Chad Clemen might even let us ride the bike if we are nice to him! (Photo: Sir Herm Morton)light-CR250